Breakwater's Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Café

11/17 menu:

We're FULL! (our Café space that is - not our bellies.) See you on Friday, December 1st!

► CSA Café is a wonderfully popular event! So that we can plan ahead with enough food and seating, an RSVP is required each time you and/or your children plan to attend.
► A CSA Café meal costs $5 per individual (suggested donation). In order to sustain our Café, please note that IOU's will not be accepted this year*. Meals may be paid for at each visit, or to pay for several visits in advance please email Kelly.
► New location! This year CSA Café is located in the lower level of the Dan (our gymnasium).

Important notes:


* CSA Café currently holds over $300 in uncollected IOU's. While we wish to continue to make CSA Café as open and welcoming to all as possible, it is a self-funding enterprise and in order to sustain itself is implementing a new payment policy. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.