Bugs, Slugs, and the Garden of Wonder - Week 1!

This week in the garden of wonder we...

  • Ran through the sprinkler and splashed in the pools

  • Dug a river and played on the banks of it

  • Built bridges, forts, and playgrounds for animals

  • Constructed a bug city to invite a myriad of insects to our garden

  • Read classic tales like Three Billy Goats Gruff and Jack and the Beanstalk

  • Baked mud pies and cakes in the mud kitchen

  • Played a big group game of soccer

  • Caught ants and spiders and looked at them closely with magnifiers

  • Had popsicles

  • Rode tricycles

  • Wrote and acted out plays

  • Relaxed on our towels while listening to stories

  • Learned a silly face song in our Garden Circle

Some questions to ask your camper about camp....

  • What kind of bike did you ride?
  • What kind of silly face did you make at circle?
  • What bugs did you find in the garden?
  • How did you build the river? What tools did you use?
  • Do you prefer the sprinkler or the pool?
  • What are your teachers names?
  • What is planted in the garden?  Can you eat any of it?