November 22, 2016

Hello Wonderful Kindergarten Parents, 

In Kindergarten we’ve been busy voting on changes to our classroom space. We brought in some branches and made a tree that we have been busily decorating. Children have decided to make a dark area to explore light and shadows. We brought in a big box and some LED lights. More to come after vacation! If you have any little flashlights or things that might be interesting to explore in our dark space please bring them in.

The cold weather is here! Please start providing snowpants, gloves, hats, and other warm items everyday. Breakwater’s policy requires students to have snowpants to go in the snow areas. If possible, we strongly suggest leaving a pair of snowpants at school all through the season.

You might ask - 
What did you do with the snow spheres in the field yesterday?

We had to have a “Closed for Cleaning” in the vet area. You might ask -
Why did we have to ask the cleaners to come in?

Happy holiday break! For those of you traveling - travel safe! I wish you lots of family fun and food.

Warmly, Claire