November 29, 2016

Welcome Back Kindergarten Families,
I hope that your Thanksgiving break was full of relaxation and deep connections.

During Investigations we worked on our shadow and light area today. Some of the children experimented with natural materials and made shadow shapes and characters that were projected up onto the wall. Also during Investigations many of the children enjoyed our whiteboards and spontaneously recited and wrote alphabet letters and words. Some worked in the Vet Area and others enjoyed the block and construction areas.  

Together as a class we discussed ‘Showcase Week.’ During Showcase Week children from other classes will be invited to visit us, and we will travel to visit their rooms on December 14, 15 and 16. The children decided to make a museum of their projects which they will discuss with our visitors. They also came up with a couple of activities for the other classes to participate in. We will keep everyone posted as our vision materializes. 

Ask About
 - What words can you read on the Kindergarten Wall?
 - Do the penguins and the polar bears live near each other?

Nuts and Bolts
Please help your Kindergartener to return all of their Book Mobile Books (Thursday), their Breakwater Library Books (Friday) and all of Ms. Claire’s Books in their little plastic bags (this week) as some of the children have quite a collection of books signed out in their names. 

Please bring in slippers or other designated indoor shoes.

Warmly, Claire