Showcase Week

Volcanoes, solar panels, National Parks, and hauling lobster traps on Casco Bay were just a few of the fabulous projects the children got to experience and learn about during Showcase Week!  They had a lot of fun showing off their amazingly detailed work which was created all year and touring other classes through their Kindergarten Room. The children sang songs for them and showed them some of their yoga poses.

The children enjoyed making snow angels, throwing snowballs at a target, hiding in stick forts and painting the snow. They colored exposed rocks bright pink using springs, sticks, pine cones and wooden dowels, which was exciting and thought provoking. The kids then moved the paint and turned mud puddles into pink puddles. 

We were delighted to share our outside play with the Toddlers and were so enthusiastic about staying outside longer to have a few lunch time picnics in the winter sunshine. The Toddler and the Kindergarten classes enjoyed lots of imaginative play together riding a log horse, chasing monsters, jumping off stumps into the snow, digging with snow shovels, sweeping with brooms and digging mice homes into the snow drifts.

Remember tomorrow will be our PJ Flashlight Dance Party!  Your child is invited to come in their PJs and to bring a flashlight!  We should have a wonderful and magical day.