Rocketships, a puppet show and a walk into the Sanctuary with our Big Friends to make fairy houses and spy centers

Hello Kindergarten Families, 

I hope you all had a wonderful four day weekend. Last week the Kindergarteners spent time during Investigations working on a spy center and making it just right.  Also we painted our big box black outside with the help of many preschoolers and made it into our new space shuttle that is in the ECC hallway.  Check it out! We investigated the new puppet theater and the children got to watch a puppet show put on by some of our friends. In the puppet show Olaf had vampire teeth and a cape for his costume!

On Thursday the Kindergarten and our 7-8 Grade Big Buddies went for a very slippery and funny trek through the woods to build fairy homes, bridges and spy stations. It was a slippery trek down the hill to the Sanctuary.  The Kindergarteners showed the 7-8 grades how to slide.

Ask: What is Gravity?  How did you get down the hill at the Sanctuary? How did Olaf turn into a vampire in the puppet show?

Nuts and Bolts: Remember to pack a few changes of clothes as we often come in quite wet from our outside play.