A snowy popcicle birthday party, imaginative dress-up, messy styrofoam fun, rope tying and outdoor snow fun with our Big Buddy Friends!

Dear Kindergarten Families,

Since Kindergarten last blogged, we have had some amazing times of fun, curiosity and exploration!  On Tuesday we went for a long beautiful walk into the Sanctuary with Wendy to work on our fairy houses, spy centers and bridges. It was almost fall like weather, warmer, without any snow and the kids built with lots of leaves, bare branches and moss. During Investigations, we continued our interest in puppets, puppet shows, rocket ships and space. 

Wednesday was a late start day due to all the wintery mix falling from the sky.  The Kindergarteners spent a huge amount of time in the snow, shoveling, making forts, snow people and eating a lot of it. We had a special birthday celebration out in the snow, eating delicious popsicles.  The children decided the popsicles tasted even better after they dipped them into the snow.

On Thursday we decided to play in the snow with our Big Buddy Friends.  They helped us make snow forts and snow people.  At the end of our play, we got to have a big snowball fight between the forts, if we wanted too.  There were so many happy, laughing faces out in the snow covered field.

Yesterday the children worked on Styrofoam with plastic box saws and pretended to be workers in a steel company.  At the end of this play, Styrofoam covered the hallway, so much so, that the Toddlers coming through thought it had snowed inside!  One of them knew it wasn't snow though because it wasn't cold! Some of the children worked on making lovely jewelry, tying knots, playing in the sand table and dressing up.

Ask:  How many snowballs did you have to make for the snowball fight? How many days are in the year? Which planet is a dwarf planet and which one has beautiful gas rings around it?

Nuts and Bolts: Kindergarten always welcomes donations to our Art and Collage collections. Buttons, odd children's socks, pom-pom balls, cotton balls, stickers, and any other interesting craft items are always appreciated along with household items such as toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls. We are also looking for donations of baby food jars!  Thank you so much.