A few outdoor picnics, indoor snack groups and lots of meaningful conversation

Hello Kindergarten Parents,

Last week we spent a few of our lunch times outside having a picnic.  We enjoyed eating at the picnic table in the Toddlers Playground and listening to our favorite songs.  The songs brought conversations of movies and stories. We listened to a few of the children retell their stories remembering the details and retelling the sequence of events.

We also had very large snack groups, including our stuffies, going on during our Investigations times.  Conversations of favorite snacks, daily events, thoughts and feelings about personal events were shared, listened to and discussed.

Sledding was a popular activity last week. Everyone enjoyed sledding and sliding down the small, but icy hills. The children also loved spray painting the snow with blue raspberry snow cone color.  We imagined the hills were huge blue raspberry snow cones made for giants!

We met with our Big Buddy Friends in the classroom.  They helped us make three batches of glittery, lavender play dough which we made into a batch of delicious cookies. Our Big Buddy Friends also put together our last couple of frames for our ABC plaques and enjoyed drawing and painting with us in the classroom.

Ask: What is your favorite part about having winter picnics? What was in the treasure box in the book Elmer and the Dragon?

Nuts and Bolts: Please remember to sign up for a midyear conference to discuss your child's progress if you haven't already. I love forward to our meeting to celebrate your child's successes and to develop some goals for the second half of the year.

Kindergarten will be going roller skating with the school K-8 on Thursday.  I will keep you posted as more details are revealed.

Warmly, Claire