A Snowy Hike to the Sanctuary, Snow Play, Rocketships and Gak

We've had a great first week back.  The children have settled into their school routine easily.  They have been busily painting snow pictures with cotton balls, glitter, white paint, material scarves, buttons and googlie eyes. We dug up buckets of snow from outside and brought it in for our sensory table play. We spent our outdoor play spraying the snow a variety of colors too. We went for a snowy walk into the Sanctuary with Fitz and got to play by the river in the snow and slide down the hills pretending we were trains.

Some of the children have been Investigating making rocket ships as well as satellites out of big boxes, little boxes and cylinders during Investigations. We have begun conversations about what to make the Vet Center into next. Change is in the air. Today the children decided to make the Vet Space into a Spy Station. They were so excited helping change their space by adding lots of wires, adding machines for codes, and lots of other imaginary spy materials.

During rest time the children have been excited to have a choice of resting, reading out of their book boxes, drawing and writing in their journals. They are doing a fantastic job with this.

On Friday we did a scientific experiment with Borax Starch, white glue, blue food dye and water.  We added the ingredients, stirred and ended up with our Gak that reminded us of Silly Putty.

Ask About What is an experiment? What is a good way to slide without a sled? How can you measure your head when it is round?

Nuts and Bolts We have had lots of missing mittens in Kindergarten.  A great idea for keeping mittens safe is to attach them using a string that is run through the coat sleeves or to clips that attach them to their coat sleeves.

Warmly, Claire