ECC Open Classrooms Valentine's Celebrations, rock climbing, Investigations and cooking in the teaching kitchen

Dear Kindergarten Families,

 In Kindergarten, between all the snowstorms, we have been filling up the school days with lots of joyful learning. The anticipation that led up to our open classroom ECC Valentine's Day Party was palpable.  The children enjoyed making a delicious, fresh fruit salad, dancing, building snow volcanoes and sand roads in sensory tables, creating collage pieces, painting and other activities designed to engage, stimulate imaginations and creativity.

Rock climbing was amazing!  Alex gave us lessons on the basics and Katie belayed us up and down the wall in the Dan.  The children were so courageous and agreed to try even if some were intitally tentative. Each and everyone of them got off the ground in a harness and belayed themselves down again with Katie's assistance. We have another practice on February 27th in the Dan.  On March 6th we will be going to Evo to climb.  Please make sure you fill out the required waiver before our trip if you would like your child to climb.

We spent the morning cooking lots of delicious cookies today for the CSA Café. We learned how to cream together butter and sugar, crack eggs and mix up the ingredients. After we were finished cooking, we had lots of fun playing on the large snow hills sliding down as penguins and cats.  We were excited that the Preschoolers joined us for outdoor picnic at the Toddler Playground.

Ask:  What did you make for the CSA Café? What is the clip called that you use on your harness when you rock climb?  Can you spell words that rhyme with cat?

Have a wonderful vacation with your families and loved ones.

Warmly, Claire