Roller skating fun, science challenge exhibits, cooking in the teaching kitchen, a walk to the Santuary with our Big Buddies and creative thinking

Dear Kindergarten Families, 

We have had some wonderful days of playful exploration and curiosity inducing fun. The Kindergartener's were so enthusiastic about our roller skating outing with the rest of the school. They amazed me in their willingness to give roller skating a try even if they had never done it before.  All of the children made huge gains, 'stretched their brains' and loved participating in this event.  Thanks to those families who helped with this wonderful outing.

We have been busy with Investigations showing such creativity and wonder.  Many of the children used the insulation that was generously donated by one of our wonderful families.  Quickly it disappeared and reappeared as insulation around the spy center so that nobody could hear the codes they were creating.  It also appeared in comfortable rest mats, with feather pillows, that the children used at their rest time.

During their sensory play, children loved using the oily, lavender scented, play dough at their imaginary bakery to make birthday cakes and decorated them with natural collections of shells, pine cones and sticks to name just a few. They also explored the sensory table filled with bubble wrap,  large multi colored balls, blue paint, soapy water and shaving cream.  What fun!

The children continue to impress me with their spontaneous writing during rest and play time. They make pictures and write about what is happening in them, make signs for areas during their play and respond to questions in writing with support. Well done.

Every other Friday, we will be working with Sari to cook the CSA Café Lunch. Last Friday, we spent the morning in the teaching kitchen cooking the CSA Café bread sticks and making the Caesar salad.  They rolled out the dough and covered the dough with olive oil and spices.  They used dull knives to cut the lettuce up for the salad. This week we will work in Tinkering with Sari to finish our rockets.

Ask:  What did you do to help make bread sticks?  How do you bundle the fifth tally in a tally graph? What is happening in the story, The Dragons of Blueland?

Nuts and Bolts:  Please continue to bring in extra dry clothes as we are outside a lot and get wet.  We don't have any Kindergarten size spare snowpants so please make sure that your child has them daily.  Thanks!