Rock climbing, archeological digs, fossils, discoveries in the woods and making crystals

Dear Kindergarten Parents, This week in Kindergarten we were so excited to go rock climbing at Evo. Everyone got off the ground, belayed down, enjoyed games and played in and around on the children's castle playground. What a fantastic opportunity!

It has been wonderful to witness the serious and joyful play on the preschool playground. Together, Kindergarten and Preschoolers were busy tying off areas of the playground, setting up an archeological dig site, organizing all the tools on a work bench and using standard measurement tools to measure the length and depth of things.  They were so proud to share the 'fossilized alligator hip' they found. Their interests were enriched by fossil lessons and making their own 'fossils' dinosaur in Tinkering with Sari. We will continue to deepen our understanding of fossils and bones with Sari in the coming weeks.

We also explored and attempted to make crystals in the classroom. Each child set up their own crystal jar, carefully tying a string, of their choice, to a stick. After adding lots of salt to water and bringing it to a boil, we noticed the steam, the water condensation on the lid and we saw boiling water bubbling. We will continue with this scientific exploration next week making other types of crystals.

Everyone enjoyed our visit to the Toddlers Playground. We shared their muddy playground with them making prolific mud pies and other imaginary mud delights with the exposed sticks and stones found around the playground. Some children enjoyed rich social games of 'My Little Pony Land' and construction with the vehicles they found. We stayed on to picnic and play longer before going in completely mud covered. We also shared our morning Investigations time with Preschool and Toddler Friends this week.

In the woods with our new Big Buddies we discovered a ring of feathers on the ground. We were curious about how and why they were there.  Rich discussions and lots of questions helped us to hypothesize what may have happened there.

Ask: How could you measure the depth of the hole on the preschool playground? What was the best thing about your field trip to Evo? What fossil did you make in Tinkering?

Nuts and Bolts: Please continue to pack changes of clothes, boots and winter gear as well as rain gear and water pants. As the weather gets warmer we will be spending an increasing amount of time outside. 

There will be no school on Monday March 13, 2017 as there is a Teacher Professional Development Day. Have a wonderful long weekend together and I will see everyone on Tuesday!

Warmly, Claire