A fashion show, family play, bird feeders, banana, coconut, cocoa sprinkled cakes, green gak and crazy crystals

Dear Kindergarten Families,  We have done so much in the three short days of school we've had this week!  We started the week off on Wednesday with a late start playing in the beautiful high snow drifts until lunch time. Lots of fun play happened in the preschool playground.  What a treat for everyone! 

We noticed some hungry song birds in the hedge as we were going in for lunch and the group decided to make bird feeders to help them through the last few days of winter. We had our Investigations time in the afternoon and looked at pictures of a variety of bird feeders and got to work making them. Some used a real saw to saw wood while others made theirs out of collage materials. We made observations of our 'crazy salt crystals' and noticed that they had grown up the string, out of the jar and down the sides. 

On Thursday, we continued to intently interact with materials.  We used our imaginations and determination to make our visions, of our very own bird feeders, a reality.  Some children made their own bird food out of lard, seeds and honey and filled their feeders. A couple of children cooked us delicious banana, coconut, cocoa sprinkled gluten-free cakes.  Isaiah, the school nurse, came in and introduced himself to the class. He took children to do their hearing and eye screenings in the Library. During reflection time we had some children put on a fashion show which was enjoyed by all! We also had some of the 1/2 graders come in to put on a puppet show.

 In the afternoon, we had a fun and energy filled meeting with all the 7th graders out in the snow.  We spent our time, building forts, throwing snowballs, sledding on 'big sleds', making snow angels, playing tag and shoveling into a tall snow bank to make a tunnel.

On Friday, we celebrated St. Patrick's Day by interacting with green gak, green bubble water, green table art and guessing what might be in our collection box. It turned out that there was a collection of natural materials, moss, two pieces of green sea glass and tree bark that had lichen growing on it.  We compared the two pieces of sea glass and found many similarities  and differences in their attributes.

Later in the morning we worked on finishing our fossils with Sari. We were excited to have Silly Steve back with us and he read us a really funny story.  Book mobile will be coming on Friday's from now on so please have your child bring their books back on Fridays going forward.  We are missing the Book Bats on Parade so please check at home for that book. Thank you for looking!!

Ask:  What was in guessing box that was green?  What did you notice when you compared the two pieces of sea glass? What did you learn about fossils today?

Nuts and Bolts:  Please keep sending in lots of warm outdoor clothes labeled with your child's names.  Extra dry socks, pants, shirts, and underclothes are important too as our clothes get very wet when we are out for long periods of time during the day.

We are also asking for cooking donations, flour, sugar, butter, and eggs so that we can continue to investigate cooking and making our very own recipies.  We will keep you posted on how delicious they are!

Please help us find the Bats on Parade Book that is missing from the Public Library by looking around the house to see if it came home by mistake. 

Warmly, Claire