Cooking up fossils in the teaching kitchen, crafting musical instruments to play in the woods, weaving on a loom, fun with shapes and small world construction work in the sand table

Hello Kindergarten Families,  Since our last blog Kindergarten has enjoyed playing on the big structure with the blue slide which for the first part of the year was out of bounds.  It was exciting to be up so high and to run across the swinging bridge, slide down the fire pole and call out to each other and to the preschoolers from the top of the structure. From the structure we noticed lots of signs of spring outside. Many birds joined us in our explorations from afar including a red male and less colorful female cardinal couple. We noticed birds building nests in the eves of the Jesse, the green coming into the branches of willow trees, red color flowing through the bushes, flower shoots pushing up through cold soil and buds everywhere.

It was lovely to have Olive's parents come in to visit with us and share in our Investigations Time.  We had the opportunity to go to the cooking kitchen to cook lemon cake with Olive's Mom. Olive selected the delicious recipe. When it was cooked we listened to a wonderful story and ate the cake for snack. In Tinkering we met Sari in the teaching kitchen to learn about and make amber fossils and yummy edible jelly fossil snacks using gummy dinosaurs. This week we were there again to cook all sorts of amazing foods for the CSA Café. We smashed up potatoes, made sour cream and cheese bowls, chocolate chip cookies, garlic butter and baked potatoes.

Lots of beautiful innovated projects have been coming out of Investigations time. Bouncy toys, wood projects, fairy cubbie traps, and more.  The weaving loom has been getting a lot of action.  Check out the gorgeous, colorful blanket being created. Wood working is always a popular area. 

In Kindergarten, we have been having fun writing about small moments in time by choosing pictures of themselves involved with daily activities and writing about what is happening in the pictures.  We are learning to use the picture, story meaning and beginning letter sounds to figure out words in their reading. The children are practicing making connections to the literacture we share together.  Some are really good at noticitng their personal connections from their lives as well as connecting to our literature with remembering other stories they have read or heard in the past.

Sensory activities have been a popular Investigation choice during inside and outside play. Inside Gak, play dough, ocean and marble runs in the warm bubbly water table, messy hand painting of large boxes, small world construction and excavation and making potions in the sand table and outside mud pies, puddles, construction sites, excavation work, pretend gardening and planting, and cooking cakes and delicious menus for pretend tasting. This is messy and really fun work!

Our walks with our Big Buddies into the sanctuary were really special. We spent time sledding down very steep hills and being pulled by our Bigs along the trails in the woods. This week everyone made musical instruments to bring into the woods.  Each Big and Little worked on a musical presentation together.  It was such fun to watch and listen to each and everyone of their musical productions.

Ask:  What three Dimensional shape did you make out of the clay and wooden sticks?  Can you tell me what is happening in James and the Giant Peach? What musical instrument did you make to play music with your Big Buddy in the woods?

Nuts and Bolts:  Please continue sending in snow gear and lots of dry changes of clothes as a lot of our learning takes place outside interacting with nature beautiful and messy. 

Warmly, Claire