Hundreds Day, sunflower art, woodworking and foggy play

Dear Kindergarten Families,

We were so surprised and excited to celebrate our hundredth day of school this week! We made collections of one hundred with balls, cubes in rows of 10's, rubber bands in groups of ten, block buildings. Some of the children counted up to 26 groups of ten and figured out that was 260! Together we figured out how to divide 100 into two equal groups of 50 and into four equal groups of 25.

We also spend lots of time outside in the spring like weather making mud pies, playing spies, "My Little Ponies" and working on construction sites in the fog. It was magical. We spent some of our outside time with the Toddlers and the Preschoolers. We also slipped and slided at the sanctuary.

We played in yellow shaving cream, painted water colored pictures inspired by sunflowers, worked diligently to create new collage creations such as a home for bugs, and practiced hammering into wood! We wrote about pictures of ourselves. We practiced rock climbing at the Dan. An excellent week in Kindergarten!

Ask: Which of the heart pictures is your very favorite and why?  What picture did you write about?

Nuts and Bolts: We are going to Evo on Monday from 9:45-12:15. Please have your children dress in comfortable clothing and bring sneakers. 

Have a wonderful, adventurous weekend!  See you on Monday.

Warmly, Claire