A lesson on all kinds of teeth, shopping lists, name tags, 3D Art with Allie, scooters and grossmotor play in the Dan, lots of practice with social mediation and voting

Due to all the April showers this week, we have been loving the time spent in the Dan interacting with scooters, small yarn spheres, large bouncy spheres, hoola hoops, small white and black Styrofoam rectangular prisms, the rock wall and the mats. We have also spent a lot of time outside in muddy, wet conditions having a wonderful time playing in the mud and water puddles. We even got to have an outdoor picnic with the first and second graders coming out to put on a lunch time puppet show!

The Kindergarteners have been practicing their social interactions and negotiations with one another.  They are getting stronger at being able to voice their opinions while using a tone of voice that is kind and friendly with their peers.  We have been working on allowing all participants in a group activity to feel welcome to express their opinion. It is getting easier for the children to listen to others and accept that each person may have a different viewpoint than their own. Negotiating an outcome is becoming easier for them without assistance.  Often it comes down to a simple vote to resolve a difference of opinion within their social group.

Lots of spontaneous reading and writing is emerging during Investigation times.  It is so exciting to see their literacy skills being used within all kinds of activities.  Shopping lists, writing the morning schedule on the board, to writing a message to other students, reading to a 'baby' in the loft during family play, making signs so that important messages are given, making labels and name tags and writing letters and making cards to thank people are just a few examples.  Lots of mental math is a favorite Kindergarten activity for the children. They enjoy figuring out fractions, greatest, least and equal amounts, adding sets and subtracting sets, using ordinal numbers and generally using math vocabulary in their everyday life in Kindergarten. They regularly use words such as perimeter, attribute, counting on, counting back, equal, less than and greater than, the least and the most, odd and even, and many others.

Ask:  What did you learn about teeth with Sari? How was your cooking activity with Sharon, Olive's Grandmother, connected with the story we are reading, James and the Giant Peach?

Nuts and Bolts: We have a lot of illness going around right now in the school and in our classroom.  We have disinfected our surfaces, our play things and our rest mats.  Please review the Breakwater Illness Policy.  Remind your children to wash their hands frequently.

We threw out all of our collage things and are looking for replacement items to fill our baskets.  Donations of cotton balls, toilet and paper towel roles, any kind of boxes that didn't hold peanut materials and anything else you think might have around the house that would be interesting for the children to build and make things with would be very much appreciated.  Also we would love contributions of colorful sequins, buttons, sticks, ribbons, yarns, pom-poms, colorful tissue paper, old wrapping paper, tin foil and other odds and ends.

We will be going to the Broadturn Farm on April 27, 2017.  Alex has offered to drive the bus for us. Thanks Alex.  Josh Edwards', Sadie's Dad, has offered to meet us there and be one of our chaperones as well as Ellen, Amelia's Mom and Erin, Jackson's Mom.  Are there any other parents that would like to join us? It should be a wonderful visit!

See you all on Monday!

Warmly, Claire