Mother's Day Workshop, bikes, kites, flower care and painting fences

Happy Belated Mother's Day!  Last week we spent a lot of time creating gifts for our Mothers to make their Mother's Day very special. Lots of time, imagination and creativity went into these unique creations.  They had a lot of fun with their creative wrappings, decorative bags and ribbon tying. One of our mathematical queries was; if we have fifty sheets of tissue paper and ten children, how many should each child get. I mentioned thinking in tens and one child quickly said, "Five!"

We had such fun on bikes.  Riding in areas of the playground we had not explored.  We filled and moved heavy watering cans on the back of our bikes in our connecting wagons.  We loved filling the containers from the hose.  We found the beautiful, recently planted flowers and watered until the water was all gone and then went back for more. Many of the children did this several times.

On Friday we learned about air, wind, flying kites and paper airplanes from Fitz.  After our lesson, we ran out into the field to fly kites with our Big Buddies.  We had large kites that needed some repair and small kites that were ready to assemble.  All the children, no matter what their age,  were fully engaged and their excitement was contagious! The Kindergartners were running as fast as they could to get their kites flying.  A couple of the Big Buddies tinkered with the large kites using sticks and duct tape and they got them flying higher that the school!

The children are excited as Charlotte our service volunteer has started to read Georges Marvelous Medicine.  The Kindergartners have decided that this story must be our best story yet. We learned what George plans to make for his Grandmother.

Today we got to paint some of the play yard white fences with beautiful colors and patterns.  Denny will help us put them up around the playground.

Ask: What is Georges Grandmother like?  Would you like to have a grandmother like her? Why?

Nuts and Bolts:  Please send in lots of rain clothes, dry clothes and boots for our fantastic water and mud explorations this week! On Thursday if the weather is warm we will engage in some water play at the river so please send in shorts and water shoes.  

Tuesdays we start the day at the Community Meeting in the Jesse.  If your child arrives late and we are already over there please help your child bring warm clothes, a water bottle and their bike helmet as we will go straight outside after the meeting to play and bike ride.

We have the Spring Concert on Thursday evening.  All children should arrive by 5:45 pm and stay with their teachers until they are collected by their teacher to perform. Please remember to let me know tomorrow how many seats you would like to reserve for your family.    The children will sit on the adults lap as they are up at the concert performing most of the time.

Warmly, Claire