April showers brought May flowers and so much more to the Kindergarteners

The beautiful assortment of spring flowers planted around the Breakwater Campus over the weekend greeted the children with splashes of color in and around their playground. They were often caught chatting with friends about a favorite flower, color or pointing proudly to a flower they had planted on the weekend.

The Kindergarteners got lots of bike time last week. They rode in damp weather and in sunny weather. They rode on all the black top areas and even attempted to ride in the field. They noticed and commented it was much harder to ride in the waterlogged field.  They rode bikes individually and in pairs. Some children used a carry behind cart to move all of the Kindergarten lunch boxes to the Toddler Playground for a picnic. 

We all spent lots of outdoor time last week at the Fore River Sanctuary. We went on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon with our Big Buddy Friends. The children made up and wrote about imaginary characters with unique characteristics and then designed and made homes for them. Together with their buddies they also wrote poetry or discriptive words and phrases about objects of interest in the woods. Kindergarten also went for a walk with the Toddlers on Friday to have a snack picnic, a story, some songs and a play in the woods.  They had lots of fun making fairy houses, bouncing on tree limps and looking down to the river below to see if they could spot the Mallard Ducks. We all enjoyed it so much we excitedly talked of more walks to come with Toddlers and Kindergarteners.

Since our interest was peaked with eggs when Olive found a duck egg in the flooded baseball field we decided to attempt to hatch our own. Sari brought in some eggs from her farm and we put them in the incubator we got from the Cooperative Extention through the  University of Maine. We have candled the eggs from our incubator with Sari's old family candling machine and have found that quite a few of our dozen have something happening inside them. We have written about them, read about them, shared them with the Toddlers and the Preschool and have gone down to the preschool to see their little incubator. Let's all cross our fingers that some of our eggs hatch!

Ask: What temperature do chicken eggs have to be incubated at?  What do you need to put in the incubator to make it humid? How many is in a dozen?

Nuts and Bolts: Remember we will be going out and getting muddy, dirty and wet with our wonderful imaginative, creative play! Please pack boots and lots of dry clothing for your child including socks, pants, shirts and underwear.

See you all Monday.

Warmly, Claire