Hatching Chicks, Catching Elvers, Big Buddy Friend Adventures and Kettle Cove Discoveries

Hello Kindergarten Families, 

It has been several weeks since our last blog.  Time goes by so fast!  The children have been hatching chicken eggs.  The four chicks we have in the classroom are named Toodles, Glitter, Stone and Flash. They have just starting to get some of their adult feathers and are attempting to fly out of their box. Some of the children enjoy catching them insects outside and bringing them into the classroom to watch with fascination while the chicks devour them.

Two weeks ago, we enjoyed splashing in the waterfall at the Fore River Sanctuary with our Big Buddy Friends.  Together we discovered lots of baby eels (elvers) making their way inland by climbing up the waterfall. Last week, when we realized that it was our last day for Big Buddies, we were all feeling a bit melancholy .  We spent our time together doing Investigations with them in the Kindergarten Classroom. For closure each child shared what they had enjoyed about the experience of the Big Buddy Friends. Lots of children shared that they enjoyed laughing and playing together in nature.

We have spent many of our morning Investigation times outside.  Tile work, boat making, water play, theater shows, dancing and singing performances, biking, writing signs, painting fences, climbing, watering flowers, recycling center play, construction work, imaginary play are just a few of the activities the children have been involved with.

Our Kettle Cove Field Trip was a great success.  The children were involved with digging in the river, searching for creatures in the tide pools, wading, writing words in the sand and checking out the creatures older students found which included a small octopus, a tiny lobster, a sea cucumber and other interesting creatures. Thank you so much to all the chaperones that helped on this trip.

In Tinkering Class the children have been building a large loom with Sari. They have been hammering, nailing, drilling and stringing to get the loom ready.  Last Friday they put it up in the play yard for all of the Breakwater Community to weave with natural materials.



Ask: What did you enjoy most about the time you spent with your Big Friends? What is your favorite part of Kindergarten?

Nuts and bolts:  We have just a few more days of school.  Please sign up for conferences if you have not already.  We have a fieldtrip to Crescent Beach on June 12 with the 1/2 Grades. We will travel there on a school bus. I will send home a letter with the full detail this week. If you would like to join us as a chaperone we would love to have you!  Also we willbe having a picnic on the last day of school.  Please return your child's order if your child wishes to order.