Breakwater's Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Café

  • Next CSA Cafe: May 18th - Outside! This will be run like the Mexican Street Fare with the cooks serving at six different stations. Grab a bowl and start at one place, eat and chat then head to another table for a new salad refill.
  • Menu: Salads from around the world!
    • Thai Chopped Salad - with chicken or tofu as a topping
    • American Pasta Salad
    • Chinese Cold Noodle Salad
    • Azerbaijani Potato salad with Pomegranate (Nar salati)
    • Costa Rican Hearts of Palm - avocado and papaya salad
    • Hungarian Cucumber Salad
    • Dessert: fresh fruit on a stick served with or without whipped cream

In 2006 Breakwater’s students engaged in an integrated learning project that led them to actively follow their food from its source to their local grocery stores. Students visited many Community Supported Agricultural farms in the area, and travelled as far as Presque Isle to find organic wheat grown in Northern Maine and Freeport for naturally raised meats. They traveled to Linneus to grind their wheat and baked their own focaccia right in the ovens of Rosemont Market, just a half mile down the road from Breakwater. 

Out of this adventure, and their continued volunteer work on local farms, came the student's own desire to showcase Maine grown foods in meals prepared and shared with the school. The CSA Café was born! Since then the Café has become a sustainable, self supporting school-wide project. Each meal is thoughtfully planned and prepared primarily from locally sourced ingredients by children enrolled in the CSA Café Enrichment program. Meals always include vegetarian, gluten free and vegan options. Parents and extended family are always invited and are encouraged to stay and socialize in our fun, relaxed, welcoming environment.

CSA Cafe is a wonderfully popular event! So that we can plan ahead with enough food and seating, an RSVP IS REQUIRED each time you and/or your children plan to attend. Suggested Donation: $5.

Questions? Email Kelly.

Breakwater Parent Connection (BPC) Lunch Program

  • Lunch order forms for the spring lunch session are DUE FEBRUARY 15
  • Order forms should please be submitted to the School's main office. 
  • Menus: 
    • Quality Shop (Tuesday) and Amato's (Wednesday) menu options are available for grades 1-8 only.
    • Portland House of Pizza (Thursday) menu options are available for Toddler - grade 8.
    • Black Betty Bistro (Monday-Wednesday) menu options are available for toddler - 2 only.
  • Order Forms:
    • An order form for Quality Shop, Amato's and Portland House of Pizza that tabulates automatically is available for download and printing below.
    • An order form for Black Betty's Bistro (pilot program for toddler-2 only) is available for download and printing below.
    • Lunch forms can also be found in the School's main office.
  • Checks are payable to Breakwater Parents Connection (BPC) and should be placed in the order box near the main office. with order forms. Cash payments are also accepted.
  • Separate forms should be filled out for each child.  A few days’ notice is appreciated when placing an order or cancelling or swapping a lunch. Remember to consider any upcoming vacations or appointments. 
  • Every effort will be made to offer a lunch credit when your child is out on a field trip or school is closed due to inclement weather, however; it is not possible to offer same day credit for students who are out sick. Credit is available for extended absences. Whatever funds are left at the end of the school year go towards supporting ongoing school projects.
  • Questions? Email our volunteer lunch coordinator Jennifer Snyder

Tuesday - Thursday Lunch Menu:

  • Tuesday: Quality Shop - This day features burgers, chicken tenders, sub sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches, breakfast sandwiches on English muffins, chef salad, yogurt, muffins, and cookies. Ketchup is available for burgers and tenders. Other condiments available upon request.
  • Wednesday: Amato’s - This day features pasta, meatball subs, BLT’s, chicken tenders, Pazzo bread, Caesar salad, fresh fruit, and yogurt parfaits. The Pazzo bread is a half order and comes with sauce to dip. The meatball sub is toasted with melted cheese on top. Pasta comes with a small container of dry parmesan cheese. The BLT (shredded lettuce) is toasted on a sub roll with mayo included.
  • Thursday: Portland House of Pizza - Pizza is ordered by the slice from a 14 inch pizza. Salads include a roll. A small brownie and carrots are also available.  A personal gluten-free pizza available upon request. Call or email for pricing.

Monday - Wednesday Black Betty's Bistro Lunch Menu:


  • Pilot program - toddler - 2nd grade only
  • Please note: we are unable to offer refunds/credits for illness or snow days on Black Betty's Bistro meals.