Breakwater + Community Programs

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Breakwater has grown over time as we continually seek to best meet our Mission and serve our students, families and our extended community. As Breakwater Learning we encompass more than just the boundaries of a “school” and have materialized as a center for all kinds of learning and learners. People recognize that we have something really special and are looking to us for inspiration! The goal of our Community Programs initiative is to allow a wider audience to experience and benefit from "The Breakwater Way.” We are exploding our doors and bringing the principles of the Breakwater learning model to programs that invite broad participation.  

Courtney Cronin, Breakwater’s Community Programs Specialist, joined us in September to coordinate family-inclusive community events that increase accessibility. Courtney runs The Forest Playgroup, now in partnership with Breakwater. This parent-facilitated program provides an outdoor opportunity for like-aged children to explore, learn and interact. Through her model of grassroots organization, Courtney is driving exciting and innovative partnerships between Breakwater, educators, parents and organizations to provide open access opportunities that invite authentic sharing, community building, and promote Breakwater to a diversified audience. This is about expanding our reach, and, importantly, contributing to the broader community commons. 

To launch the program, Courtney has partnered with some of Portland's best yoga teachers to offer Portland Family Yoga, providing yoga classes to toddlers and their families. Each Wednesday beginning at 9am a different volunteer yoga teacher leads toddlers and their families in a "practice" that integrates stories and stretches to help support mindfulness and connection. Classes are held in “the Dan” on the Breakwater campus and are free for all. 

For more information about yoga or our community programming, write to Courtney