Annual All School Winter Concert

Hans Spencer makes musical magic with Breakwater's middle school musicians. Very merry!

Hans Spencer makes musical magic with Breakwater's middle school musicians. Very merry!

Breakwater's Winter Concert has been rescheduled to Monday, December 19.

Please join us on Monday, December 19, at 6pm, in the Dan Crewe Gymnasium for a simply inspiring evening of song and celebration! 

The middle school portion of our Winter Concert brings the Breakwater learning model to life! In music class Hans Spencer created mini-lessons around different instruments and technologies to facilitate self-directed learning, repertoire choice, and music as a social experience.  

Breakwater’s grades five through eight have been building instrumental and vocal skill together, along with accumulating some choice repertoire. They have worked in groups small and large to learn and rehearse songs they love. Hans finds his student’s passion for making music truly inspiring! We are confident you will, too.

The early childhood and early elementary portions of this year’s Winter Concert were inspired by the all school adventure to the 'Jessieland' Nature Preserve this past October. During Earth Week the entire student body of Breakwater School, faculty, and many parents spent the day together amid the trees and dappled sunlight. Danielle Gorman noticed that simply with time, community, a basic shelter, fire, a little lunch, and LOTS of nature, each person was glowing with contentment. To her, this year seemed like a perfect time to celebrate simple gifts. 

Danielle worked with several Learning Buddy partners, a component of our vertically integrated programming, to compose brief statements that express the simple things near and dear to their hearts. In addition, our early childhood and early elementary classes will celebrate the gift of curiosity and learning through songs that reflect each grade level’s integrated unit of study this fall.