Showcase Week Exhibition Days 12/14-16

The Breakwater Way at work! Students at all grade levels are sharing with each other and the school community some of the learning experienced over the last few months in interactive, curated “Showcases”. Both the process and product are on display. We do so because we recognize the high value in the process of learning, not just in the products!  

Families are encouraged to visit other classrooms as well as their child’s. Viewing multiple Showcase presentations will give valuable insight into Breakwater’s educational continuum.

Classrooms are OPEN for family visitors* at the following times:
Early Childhood - Wednesday from 8:30-10:00am
Grades 1/2 - Friday from 1-1:45pm
Grades 3/4 - Thursday from 2-2:45pm
Grades 5/6 - Friday from 1-1:45pm
Grades 7/8 - Thursday from 6-7pm
and, join us for Community Meetings Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings at 8:30am in the Jessie Auditorium. Plus, our celebratory slideshow on 12/21!

* Not yet a Breakwater family? Contact our Director of Admissions to join in the fun!

Wednesday: Toddler Construction Zone

Wednesday: Kindergarten's Collections Museum

Wednesday: 1/2's Exploration of Casco Bay

Wednesday: 3/4's National Parks Tour

Thursday: 7/8's Systems and System Thinking Research

Thursday: 5/6 Studies in Health