Our School's Exceptional Faculty and Staff

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What makes Breakwater's faculty and staff unique? Is it the breadth of personal and professional experience? Our own curiosity? The deep and abiding interest in continual betterment? At Breakwater we teach our students to explore the world confident in themselves, with purpose and compassion, belief in their own agency, and the resilience to embrace possibility. We affirm the integrity of childhood by placing high value on play while helping students support creative thinking with rigorous scholarship - thus balancing the education of the heart and the mind equally. Breakwater's ability to succeed in this is made possible by a talented, enthusiastic, and loving faculty who live these same aspirations in their everyday lives. Our teachers and staff are recruited and retained based on their professional skills, their willingness to model our mission in every respect, and their commitment to professional and personal growth. Our diverse staff is comprised of veteran teachers, some who have been with us for thirty years, and new playmates (er... faculty), functioning together to best serve our primary purpose - to provide an optimal learning experience for your child.