Progressive Education at Breakwater

"Education is not mere preparation for later life; education is life itself.” (Dewey, 1897)

At Breakwater, we ready students for success in the world they will inhabit as adults by providing extraordinary learning opportunities in the present.

Students at Breakwater are supported by their teachers and peers as they actively try to make sense of the world around them. Children look, listen, and touch. They make, move, and innovate. They ask, answer, and deconstruct. All, conveniently, to the benefit of the higher order thinking skills (“21st century skills”) required to thrive in a rapidly changing society.

But children at Breakwater are not simply practicing to become - they are.

They are writers, historians, mathematicians, scientists, meaningful members of a vertically integrated learning community, and playful children. This is done in the safe harbor of a culture that celebrates individuality and interests, embraces change, and teaches kindness as a nonnegotiable value.

This is progressive education at Breakwater School.

More about Breakwater's pedagogical approach can be found in the dropdown menu under 'Academics'.

Last year, the Breakwater Parent Connection (BPC) arranged book groups to read and discuss texts relevant to parenting, culture, and education. Interested in expanding their understanding of progressive education, and specifically how its ideas align with Breakwater's teaching model, the group chose Loving Learning: How Progressive Education can Save America's Schools by Tom Little and Katherine Ellison *. The book inspired lively discussion about the tradition of progressive education that generated new ideas and energy for educating our community about what we do here, why, and how. To join the discussion, contact this year's parent connection.  

(* P.S. Support us by purchasing this book through AmazonSmile and Amazon donates.)