RAINBOW leads No Name-Calling Week at Breakwater

In response to a request from a significant number of our 7th and 8th grade middle school students, Breakwater founded its first GSA group last year. By instituting this student initiated, faculty supported group, Breakwater affirms our commitment to ensuring a safe, inclusive community that honors diversity, respects the rights of all, and is unflinching in our mandate to inspire children to live well on this planet, with belief in their own agency, compassion for humankind, and care for environment we inhabit. 

This year's GSA group calls themselves RAINBOW (Respectful Alliance of Inclusive Noble Beings Of Wonder) and is dedicated to making Breakwater an inclusive and safe space for all people. The group is starting 2018 by spearheading Breakwater's involvement in GLSEN’s national No Name-Calling Week, January 15-19. No Name-Calling Week is organized by K-12 educators and students to end name-calling and bullying in schools. 

RAINBOW will facilitate two activities to recognize the week. Shoes will be hung around our campus as a statement that we have "Stomped out name calling at Breakwater". Simultaneously, students and our extended community are asked to lend a hand constructing a paper chain of kind deeds. Kind deeds that are noticed during the week can be written on paper strips. Each classroom will create a chain from their collected stripes and at our January 19 Community Meeting students will put all the chains together to demonstrate the kind actions locked within our community.

For more information, contact our GSA support faculty.

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