Civics, State House & Honorary Page Program

Breakwater students at the State House in Augusta, March 23, 2017.

How do citizens make a change in their community and the world? How does an idea become a law? How do social movements work?

When the Maine Senate is convened, the public is invited to visit the State House to see what happens during a Legislative Session. The Honorary Page program gives students an opportunity to participate in the process and interact with Legislators.

On Thursday, March 23, our 7/8 students traveled to the State House in Augusta. Through a lottery process, several of our students were invited to serve in the Senate Chamber as Honorary Pages. Under the supervision of the Sergeant-At-Arms and Chamber Staff, Honorary Pages have the opportunity to see what it’s like to work on the floor of the Senate and be part of a Legislative Session. Pages perform such duties such as delivering messages to Senators and distributing Amendments and Supplements in the Chamber. Remaining students observed Legislators from the back of the Chamber and the Senate Gallery.  (Honorary Page Program)

This opportunity comes as part of a continuing investigation of American civics. This unit has spanned several months and has been integrated throughout several arenas of content and study. Teachers launched the unit by inviting eight guest speakers from across the civic spectrum: lobbyists, representatives, party leaders, justices, and a mayor, republicans, democrats, and libertarians. From here, students were able to learn about how an idea becomes a law and how the branches and levels of government work together to create the laws of our land.