Welcome Kalyn Sullivan!

Kalyn Sullivan, the ukulele she is learning to play, and her really fluffy dog.

Last summer a wonderful teacher named Kalyn Sullivan sent Breakwater her resume accompanied by an impressive letter that illustrated a thorough understanding of our progressive philosophy, community, and learning environment. She had clearly done her research! She was invited to visit for a day, observe in classrooms, and meet with several faculty members. Two subsequent interviews at Breakwater, including a second full day visit in December, and the positive evaluation she received from our faculty, confirmed what we expected from her first application - she is a wonderful fit for Breakwater.

Kalyn grew up in Massachusetts and first made her way north, to Maine, to attend the University of New England. There, Kalyn received an undergraduate degree in Psychobiology, a minor in the Creative and Fine Arts, and a Masters Degree in Teaching Methodology. Upon graduating, she moved south for several years to teach environmental outdoor education in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and then to lead in a third-fifth grade classroom at a small private school in Charlotte. Both philosophically and in practice, Kalyn’s value set is hugely aligned with Breakwater’s. She is passionate about getting students outside to discover and investigate in the natural world, understands multi-age environments, and is experienced in supporting students in their own personal educational endeavors and social relationships.

As our Executive Director David Sullivan has stated, “Breakwater attracts many great teachers because, in so many ways, we are a 'teacher's school' - a place for teachers who are well versed in research, who care deeply about the environment children learn in, and who believe learning is a joyful and continuous endeavor.” This is absolutely true of Kalyn, and we are delighted to announce that she is joining our exceptional Breakwater faculty.