Walk with the Breakwater GSA/ Portland Pride Parade 2017


In response to an articulate and persuasive request from a significant number of our 7th and 8th grade middle school class, Breakwater founded its first GSA group this year. “GSA” typically stands for Gay Straight Alliance. To better reflect the intent and spirit of their group, Breakwater members translate the acronym as Gender-Sexuality Alliance. Amongst themselves, the group is also lovingly referred to as TPOT (Those People Over There) by its members.

By instituting this student initiated, faculty supported group, Breakwater affirms our commitment to ensuring a safe, inclusive community that honors diversity, respects the rights of all, and is unflinching in our mandate to inspire children to live well on this planet, with belief in their own agency, compassion for humankind, and care for environment we inhabit. As our founder El Costa said, "Love, this is where it all begins, everything grows from there." 

Breakwater's GSA is ending its first year by participating in the Portland Pride Parade on Saturday, June 17th at 12:00pm. This year's event theme is LOVE IS LOVE

We have reached the maximum number of team members allotted by the parade organizers. Hooray and amazing! Thank you, everyone, for your support and participation!

Come cheer us on from the sidelines! Parade begins at 12 noon in Monument Square and marches to Deering Oaks Park,  where the sense of community continues at the Pride Festival - complete with entertainment, food, and more!

Questions about walking in the parade? Please contact Kelly.
Questions about Breakwater's GSA? Please contact Maggie.