Be a Change-maker

For those souls that take the time to enter the world of children as careful observers, the depths of their creativity and desire to impact the world around them comes as no surprise.  Honestly, who better to change the world than its children? With these thoughts in mind, in third and fourth grade we're exploring what it takes to be a change maker in this world. We're exploring inspirational individuals who've made a positive impact. As we take a closer look at these Changemakers, we're noticing patterns of awareness or discovery of a cause, followed by taking action and getting organized, and working through incredible obstacles to find a way to impact change.  Today, students were engaged in a scavenger hunt around campus featuring a very important kind of change maker, children! In hearing the ages of kids who've done extraordinary things for their communities and the world, our students were in awe and completely inspired, asking questions about how they can give back to our community. It was one of those learning opportunities we'll be reflecting upon in the days and weeks to come and is already sparking ideas that will help our students bring about change.