Meet Katie O'Toole - Breakwater First and Second Grade Teacher

At Breakwater we want for our students to explore the world confident in themselves, with a sense of purpose and compassion, belief in their own agency, and the resilience to embrace mistakes. We affirm the integrity of childhood by placing high value on play, balancing the education of the heart and the mind equally. Breakwater's ability to succeed in this is made possible by a talented, enthusiastic, and loving faculty who live these same aspirations in their everyday lives. Our teachers and staff are recruited and retained based on their professional skills, their willingness to model our mission in every respect, and their commitment to professional and personal growth.

We would like to introduce you to Katie O’Toole. We celebrate Katie for her passion for teaching young children, her wisdom to consistently and joyfully lead children to discover their wonders, find and celebrate their true selves, and grow and blossom as learners and people. Katie, who began her journey as a toddler teacher in 2016, has grown alongside some of our youngest learners, rising from the garden level to her current first and second grade classroom. Every day, she encourages children to design and make, challenge themselves and others, while providing consistent support to do so with kindness and joy. Katie and her second grade daughter Maeve, now spend their days at Breakwater upon discovering four years ago that “Breakwater is the place,” to support their passions as learners, teachers, and people. Watch the video below to learn more about Katie’s love and commitment to Breakwater and what she values about teaching and the community that supports her inspiring work as an educator.