Middle School Visits Camp Agawam


It has been a tradition for the last decade or so for Breakwater students to visit Camp Agawam in the first few days of school. The purpose for this adventure trip is simple: Let students engage and bond in a beautiful Maine environment to start their year right. While at Agawam, students learn and grow together by participating in team building activities, making meals for and with each other, swimming, hiking, climbing on the ropes course, and simply spending time together. They go on night walks to appreciate the stars and morning hikes to appreciate the sunrise. They spend their nights in cabins to continue growing their independence. Agawam is a special trip because students in 5th-8th grade establish themselves as this year’s Breakwater middle school with all the excitement, anticipation, and wonder that pertains to that title. It was certainly a week of growing, learning, and bonding. We would love to share with you some special moments. See below what students and teachers have to say about their experiences and check out our slideshow to see some of the magic of Agawam in action.

“Agawam is a unique and exciting experience. In the first few weeks of school, when the kids and teachers are just starting to get to know each other, we adventure to a summer camp setting for a multi-day program community building program. We work, play, and live together for two or three days in order to build lasting friendships. The kids form bonds and positive connections that will last the year and the safe community space created allow much for more to happen in the classroom as the kids know they are secure and surrounded with support in their learning journeys. During the trip kids swim, go through teambuilding initiatives, stargaze, cook meals and climb a mountain at dawn to see the sunrise. There is no better way to start a school year than atop a mountain surrounded by friends and watching the sun rise above the horizon and light up the world below you.” -Patrick Fitzgibbons, Science and Adventure Teacher

“All the activities were really fun and it was just really fun getting to know people that I thought I’ve known for a while and now I know them even more.” - Zoe

“Agawam was full of fun activities and sleeping…sometimes.” - Waits

“Agawam is awesome!” -Charles

“My favorite part about Agawam was that we all got to build communications and we all got to talk with cool people and meet and stuff and build new friendships.” -Brian

“My favorite part about Agawam is just getting to know all the 5/6 if you’re in 7/8, which I’m in seventh grade and it was really fun meeting all the new 5/6 and it’s a good bonding experience.” -Leah

“One of the reasons I loved Agawam was because there were two dogs there with us and I love dogs.” -Sophia