Our first blogged newsletter!

The Week of October 24th, 2016

Dear Preschool Families,

       We were all happy to get back into a regular routine after the excitement of Earth Week. We were able to relive some of those happy memories on Tuesday morning at our All-School Meeting.  A slideshow was presented and everyone cheered and smiled while viewing pictures of the rest of the schools adventures from Earth Week.  We had some surprises this week as well! While digging and prepping our garden for hay, a few toddler friends came over to do some garden work with us. On Wednesday, instead of our regular woods walk we searched for a picnic spot in the sunny field.  We snacked together and listened to a story about Fancy Fox trying to help get ready for a Hallows Eve party.  After our picnic, we did some bird watching and decided to become birds ourselves by singing bird songs and flapping our wings together. On Thursday morning, we had a fire drill and we all worked together to get outside. The preschoolers did a great job being safe while moving quickly. We missed the bookmobile last week with Earth Week festivities, so we were happy to pick out some new books.  We waited eagerly for our bookmobile turn by reading a story outside on our "magic carpet" (which was essentially very large pieces of cardboard). We can't wait to see where next weeks discoveries take us!

Weekly Questions for Your Child

Who helped Yazi tell a story on your picnic?

What did you do with a hay bale in the garden?

How do you make scones? What kind did you make?

What story did your learning buddies read with you?

Coming Up This Week and Reminders!

  • Halloween Day is Pajama Day in Early Childhood - Please send your child to school in their favorite PJ's for our special day. Also send along warmer clothes for outdoor play, as well as an extra outfit in case they want to change into “regular” clothes later in the day.   Please save costumes and masks for your family fun later in the day.  “Many children under 4 may find some costumes frightening.” - NAEYC

*There is the Annual Halloween Parade and Parent Coffee on Monday morning beginning at 8:30am for grades K and up.  If you would like to watch the parade with your child you are invited to join the community on the black top and drop your child off after the parade in their pajamas.  We have encouraged all children to be mindful of our younger friends and wear costumes that are free of weaponry, blood and gore, and super scary ideas.  However it is important to keep in mind that what is not scary for an older child, may be scary for a younger child.  You know your child best and will know if they will enjoy the festivities or be overwhelmed by them.  Also if your child feels very strongly that they want to be in their costume you can have them dress up, attend the parade and change them back into pajamas before drop off.  (Oh... and please also remember that Breakwater has a no candy policy. Save those Halloween treats to be enjoyed at home.) 

Our Weekly Schedule

Monday- Outdoor Morning & Art Studio

Tuesday- All School Meeting, Music with Danielle & Bike Day* 

Wednesday- Outdoor Morning & Woods Walk

Thursday- Bookmobile & Bike Day* 

Friday- 3rd & 4th grade buddies

* Remember helmets on Bike Days! 

This Weeks Line Leaders

The Forest Room (Josephine and Molly's Room)

  • Monday- Branden
  • Tuesday- Chloe
  • Wednesday- Gus
  • Thursday- Maddie
  • Friday- Neil

The Castle Room (Emily and Yazi's Room)

  • Monday- Zion
  • Tuesday- Ana
  • Wednesday- Carolyn
  • Thursday- Henry Pearson Bond
  • Friday- Henry Cabot

Please enjoy this weeks photographs and share them with your child. It will help them share their world at school with you


The Preschool Team

Emily, Josephine, Molly, and Yazi