Small Group Discovery - Newsletter

Dear Preschool Parents,

We’ve had a week full of energy. The children have been very busy with lots of small group projects. A few children have been very interested in building and painting with large pieces of cardboard and finding many different ways to hide inside of it. Using white paint was interesting, as the children learned about pastel colors. Other children have been experimenting with ramps, and discovering how quickly things roll down them. A big log in the playground has become an interesting thing for children to try to move and pull apart. A group diligently took turns rhythm jumping on the trampoline with drums on the side.  These small group projects are full of problem-solving and opportunities for collaboration with peers as their interests continue to emerge.

Preschool has begun collaborating with Courtney Cronin, Breakwater’s Community Programs Specialist, to develop activities for our weekly woods walk that is full of nature-based learning. Courtney also leads the Forest Playgroup (find more information in the All School News email), which helps inspire each weeks activities. Woods walks are a great time to volunteer and enjoy learning about nature with your child. Please email Molly or Yazi if you are interested in joining us for a woods walk on Wednesdays.


Weekly Questions for Your Child

What is one of the fastest things to go down the ramp?

Did you jump on the trampoline? How did you know it was your turn?

What did you do this week that was kind?

What do coniferous trees feel like?


Coming Up This Week and Requests!

  • Preschool would love to make sensory bottles and is in need of sturdy plastic bottles with screw tops. Instead of recycling them, bring them in so we can upcycle them!

Our Weekly Schedule

Monday- Outdoor Morning & Art Studio
Tuesday- All School Meeting, Music with Danielle, & Bike Day

Wednesday- Outdoor Morning & Woods Walk
Thursday- Bookmobile & Bike Day
Friday- 3rd & 4th grade buddies


This Weeks Line Leaders for Forest and Castle Room

  • Monday-  Rowan Jaret & Carolyn

  • Tuesday-  Rowan Van Donselaar & Chloe

  • Wednesday- William Ginn & Eli

  • Thursday- William Carriere & Gus

  • Friday- Zion & Maddie

With compassion,

The Preschool Team
Emily, Josephine, Molly, and Yazi