Snow and Celebrations- Newsletter

Dear Preschool Families,

    We had many wonderful moments of creation and celebration this week. The beautiful snowy morning on Monday was an exciting start to the week. As children created snowballs, snowmen and women, snow angels, and tracks across the field. The looked closely at the different designs of each snowflake against black felt and they began to remember the strong feelings of coldness!

    On Tuesday, we had a special celebration and day of cultural learning around the dutch tradition of St. Nicholas Day. Henry Cabot, Rowan Van Donselaar, and Yazi all have a parent from the Netherlands. The three mothers came into share different parts of this special holiday. The children pretended to leave carrots out for St. Nicholas’s horse and when the children “fell asleep”, St.Nicholas had visited and left them books. Some children dressed up as St. Nicholas and made hats of paper. Other children tried on wooden shoes and enjoyed clomping around the classroom. This celebration was the beginning of an invitation to all families to come into the classroom to share a tradition from your home or your heritage. It could be a small tradition, such as your family's favorite books to read before bed, or a larger tradition such as holiday that you celebrate together. We would like to have a special event with a parent visitor to happen once every two weeks. The teachers will reach out to individuals with an invitation to share but if you already have an idea of a time of year that you would like to visit the classroom please let Molly and Yazi know so we can put you on the schedule. We are eager to begin exploring the diversity in our own little community.

    Inspired by our animal games last Wednesday we began building an animal home near our playground with lots of sticks and leaves. We are hoping it will be a shelter as the snow continues to accumulate this winter. 

    We have also been practicing for our winter concert, with a few rehearsals this week. We look forward to seeing families come out on Monday evening for the performance of three wonderful songs. We ended the week by having dance circles in the classroom and making gingerbread men as a special winter treat. We were glad they didn't run away like the gingerbread man!

Weekly Questions For Your Child:

What can you do with snow?

What did you make with sticks on the woods walk day?

What’s your favorite song for the winter concert; Simple gifts, Walk Outside, Oh watch the stars?

Why is it important to be kind?


Coming Up This Week and Reminders:

  • In our new bi-weekly rotation of nap materials we have sent napping materials home this weekend to be washed. When napping materials come back on Monday please be sure to send a sheet to cover the mat, a blanket to lay under, and a snuggly if your child would like one. 

  • Tuesday will be a pajama party for Early Childhood! After a late evening for the musical concert on Monday, to make it easier to get out of the house in the morning we will all be wearing our pajamas to school.

  • Next week is Showcase week for the entire school. Preschool will be getting the chance to visit the kindergarten and toddler classroom to see what they have been learning about. In return we are inviting kindergarten and toddlers to join preschool to do community building plays around kindness. We will miss some of usual specials such as book mobile due to the extra activities for showcase week. 

Our Weekly Schedule:

Monday- Art Studio

Tuesday- All School Meeting at 8:20AM & Music with Danielle

Wednesday- Showcase week visits

Thursday- Showcase week visits

Friday- Showcase week visits


This weeks line leaders for the Forest and Castle Room:

Monday- Willie Ball &  Lydia

Tuesday- Branden & Henry Pearson Bond

Wednesday- Carolyn & Maeve

Thursday- Chloe & Mia

Friday- Eli & William Carriere