Little hands, Big Makers - Newsletter

Dear Preschool Families,


    What a funny wet and warm week it has been! Our playground has been transforming each time we go outside between slippery ice skating rinks to giant puddles and mud. All the fresh white snow for shoveling and building with is gone and we have begun filling buckets of water to dump out in other places, and filling dump trucks with mud to help stop the slippery ice. You may notice the muddy clothes could use a wash this weekend.

    This week has been all about making and creating. During Monday’s art studio some children started to make paper mache animal masks, that we painted a few days later. We wrote our own Winnie the Pooh stories starting with the title How To Catch A Heffalump. Each child had many different ideas on how this story goes depending on their prior knowledge of the elusive Heffalump. Wednesday was a day for some big building as a team of children worked hard to design a drawbridge for a castle in the hallway, as well as adding many other castle decorations. On Thursday we had our first kindness celebration, where we all made pizza and shared the tasty treat after a visit from the book mobile.


Weekly Questions for Your Child

What did you add to the castle in the hallway?

Why did you have a pizza party? How did you help make the pizza?

What are cotton ball feelings?  What are sandpaper feelings?

How do you catch a Heffalump?


Coming Up This Week and Reminders

  • Winter conferences are coming up! We will be sending out our digital sign-up sheet soon.

  • As we continue to see flux in cold and warm weather, please be sure to keep cubbies stocked with two pairs of clothes and two pairs of mittens. Check each morning to see what may be needed.


Our Weekly Schedule

Monday- No School- Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Tuesday- All School Meeting at 8:20 & Music with Danielle

Wednesday- Sea Navigation with Jeroen

Thursday- Bookmobile

Friday- 3rd and 4th grade buddy Woods Walk!


This Weeks Line Leaders for Forest and Castle Room

Monday- No School

Tuesday- Gus & Mia

Wednesday- Izzy & Rowan Van Donselaar

Thursday- Maddie & William Carriere

Friday- Neil & William Ginn


Have an adventurous long weekend and we will see you on Tuesday morning!

With creative spirit,
Emily, Josephine, Liz, Molly, and Yazi