Snowy snow snow

Dear Preschool Families,



    February is bringing us snow, and lots of it. What a short week it’s been together!  We were able to make snow angels, shovel paths around our playground, and mix up colored snow potions in our outdoor pots. We also built a family of snowmen in the field on Wednesday afternoon. The children enjoyed rolling big balls of snow and lifting them on top of each other. We even built a snow dog! The children have been shouting out the mantra lately, “We are doing team work!” On Monday, the preschoolers showed great interest in painting branches with Liz in Art Studio. Many preschoolers spent extended periods of time painting the entire branch, over and over.  They were also fascinated by feeling glops of shaving cream in the sensory table and then mixing in blue and yellow paint. We have been enjoying some mellow story time with our Learning Buddies on Friday mornings, lounging with fun pictures books and gliding into some play when the books are done. Next week weather conditions allowing, we will be back on the trail! We ended the week with a celebratory dance party in the Forest room, featuring some favorite tunes from the movie Frozen.



Weekly Questions for Your Child

  • What did you do in the gym when it was too cold to go outside?

  • Who’s birthday is it this weekend? How is she celebrating?

  • What did you do with the snow in the field?

  • How was it to whisk, pour, or mix, in the sensory table? Did you play with bubbles, sand, snow, shaving cream, or all of them?

  • Who is your favorite person to be in family games?


Coming Up This Week and Reminders


  • Valentine’s Day Early Childhood Party next Tuesday!  Instead of sending your child to school with personalized cards for classmates please send them with a fruit! As a group, the children will work on cutting the fruit and making a fruit salad to share with everyone. In addition we will have open classrooms with crafts and dancing included! (If Valentine’s cards do come to school, please be sure to be inclusive of all children in the preschool program).



Our Weekly Schedule

Monday- Art Studio with Molly

Tuesday- All School Meeting at 8:20, Valentine’s Day Celebration

Wednesday- Community Day with Jessica Ball

Thursday- Bookmobile

Friday- 3rd and 4th Learning Buddies Woods Walk!


This Weeks Line Leaders for Forest and Castle Room

Monday- Rowan & Lydia

Tuesday- Izzy & Henry Pearson-Bond

Wednesday- Neil & Maeve

Thursday- Sammy & Rowan Van Donselaar

Friday-  Willie & Mia


Have a wonderful winter wonderland weekend!


With warm hearts and cold noses,

The Preschool Team