Magnets, Bread, Robots, and Pirates

Dear Preschool Families,

We had busy bodies and busy minds this week. Not long ago a child brought a magnet in for their leader share. During the morning circle all of the children wanted to see if their bodies were magnetic, like metal, and tested to see if the magnet stuck to them. We discovered our bodies must not be metal! From this interest we introduced a variety of magnets into the classroom for children to explore. They have enjoyed finding the strongest magnets as well as seeing what they can build with the strong connections.

The play structure on our playground has transformed many times into a pirate ship. Following children’s interest in understanding ideas around stealing, fighting, and heroism, we’ve build a pirate ship inside as well! The children have made (safe) card board swords as well as filled their ship with plundered treasure. Sometimes themes of bad guys and fighting can seem initially alarming for adults to witness but it is natural for children to explore these themes in their play and teachers can more easily provide safe guidance when needed.

A continued interest has been making cakes and soups in our mud kitchen. Watch out though, it is usually poisoned! This week the children experimented with making up their own recipe for bread. Flour, salt, yeast, applesauce, water, honey, and vanilla, were provided and with some basic guidelines children decided how much of each ingredient they wanted and went to town mixing and kneading. Most of the rolls were all eaten up, so our tummies say it was a success! We can’t share the recipe though…

Our outdoor space is slowly beginning to fill back up, as the absence of snow allows for different play. The children have been digging a very deep hole in the sand box with some help of archaeologists (kindergarten)! We are hoping to find some dinosaur bones soon. The children all continue to explore how ramps work, building complex designs with tubes and boards, as well as finding the highest place possible to prop up the rain gutter. Down goes the tennis ball, a car, a boat, and stuffed raccoon! As the ground thaws, we are also beginning to plan our wonderful, green, veggie-filled, garden. Children made collages of their favorite foods so we can decide what to plant.

Our Community Day visit this week was with James Cabot, who works for Southworth International Group, which makes a manner of machines that can do lifting. The children were ecstatic to watch a demo of Henry Cabot sitting on a small lift table that was powered by a hand drill slowly move upward. Then they were equally thrilled to see a video of another cool machine, a robot!

We finished the week with our beloved buddy time. Buddies spent time writing and playing out stories, or reading books together. Then, we went outside for some big running games in the field. We also had Sari come back for some more tinkering! Children made knob racks that can be used for hanging “jammies” on as one student explained.


Weekly Questions for Your Child

What did you put in your bread?

What is the coolest thing about pirates?

What happened when James turned the drill on and Henry was sitting on the table?

What is the best thing to play on the playground? Do you enjoy using the ramps, the shovels, or planks?

What is your favorite food? Do any of the ingredients come from a garden?


Coming up this week and reminders

  • We don’t have a special visitor planned for this Wednesday. We would love for you to come into preschool to help run an activity to present something intriguing to the class. E-mail Molly and Yazi if you are interested in spending time with use Wednesday between 8:30-10.

  • There will be no school Monday, March 13th. Teachers will be busy at work to enrich our programs.


Our Weekly Schedule

Monday- No School- Professional Development

Tuesday- All School Meeting at 8:20, & Music with Danielle

Wednesday- Community Day - It could be you!

Thursday- Stay tuned for a new Thursday theme!

Friday-Bookmobile, &  3rd and 4th grade Learning Buddies


This Weeks Line Leaders for Forest and Castle Room

Monday-  No School- Professional Development Day

Tuesday- Willie Ball & Rowan Van Donselaar

Wednesday- Branden & William Ginn

Thursday-Carolyn & William Carriere

Friday-  Chloe & Zion


The Preschool Team