Snow Adventures and Irish Music - Newsletter

Dear Preschool Families,

It has been a short and adventurous week.  We reunited on the playground as the preschoolers stomped through the snow greeting each other and shoveled tunnels to explore between the paths.  Winter materials provoked ideas as children used paper cups to make castles, shoveled piles to slide down, and used the buried picnic tables to create a running jump.

On Thursday, the children investigated new and familiar activities.   Some were experimenting with sand and shaving cream, mixing small amounts at a time and observing the change in consistency.  Growing games of family are developing in both classrooms and the roles and problem-solving skills are expanding! What happens when three people want to be the Mom?  What happens when your family has no pets but a peer only wants to be the kitty in the game?  These dynamics have incorporated lively conversations of inclusion and flexibility, growing our connections in the preschool community.  

Friday was filled with excitement as we welcome Silly Steve from the bookmobile and restocked our book basket.  Afterwards, we led our learning buddies on a Saint Patrick’s Day hike on the Fore River trail.  Along the way we noticed green sparkles in the snow leading us to a pot of gold! Well, a pot of special snacks to be exact.  The preschoolers and their buddies jumped for joy with their treats before exploring the woods together.  We look forward to what next week brings to our classrooms and adventures.  


Weekly Questions for Your Child

  • What did you do with the snow on the preschool playground?

  • What happens to sand when you add shaving cream?

  • What did you see on your hike with your learning buddies?  Was there something at the end of the walk?


Coming Up This Week and Reminder!

  • Mark you calendars! April Break is the 17th-21st.

  • Thursdays is becoming our Baking and Making day! Cooking, baking, and anything that involves the science of measurement, mixing, and testing is a common activity in the preschool classroom. Now we are dedicating Thursdays for these projects that are always a top choice.

Our Weekly Schedule

Monday- Art Studio with Josephine

Tuesday- All School Meeting at 8:20AM & Music with Danielle

Wednesday- Community Day with Jenn Grant

Thursday- Baking and Making Day

Friday- Bookmobile and Learning Buddies Walk


This Weeks Line Leaders for Forest and Castle Room

Monday-  Chloe & Ana

Tuesday-  Eli &  Charlie

Wednesday- Gus & Henry Pearson Bond

Thursday- Izzy & Lydia

Friday- Maddie & Henry Cabot


With joy,

Josephine, Liz, Molly, and Yazi

The Preschool Team