Pasta, School Bus, and Beading!

Dear Preschool Families,

We have had a fun and full week of exploration with the preschoolers. The pirate ship from the last few weeks has become abandoned so the students voted and decided to turn it into a school bus! Teachers and students worked together to transform it by adding windows, a traffic light, and seats. We continued to create by painting and building throughout the week.

Sonya Hawkins joined us on Wednesday for Community Day and spent the morning making perler bead creations. Many students worked hard to use their fine motor skills to fit the tiny beads onto the platform. They also loved creating interesting patterns with the different colors and styles. What fun! Thank you, Sonya.

The kitchen area has become a bakery which has paralleled nicely with our new Thursday theme: making and baking. This week, Josephine enhanced this interest by making pasta from scratch. This popular activity has already been requested for future weeks!

Outside on the playground, preschoolers enjoyed the popular activity of playing with and in the puddles forming from the melting snow. We also collected ice sheets when this water froze again and worked together to figure out how to transport them from the field to the pile in the playground. The gutters have made their way around the space, creating long ramps from picnic tables, fences, and the slides. So much problem solving and compromising has emerged from this exciting play!


Weekly Questions for Your Child

What did you put in the pasta? What shape did you make?

How did you help create the school bus?

Where did you go to see your learning buddies this week?

What can you order at the bakery?


Our Weekly Schedule

Monday- Art Studio with Molly

Tuesday- All School Meeting at 8:20, & Music with Danielle

Wednesday- Community Day with Jenn Grant

Thursday- Baking and Making Day

Friday-Bookmobile & 3rd and 4th grade Learning Buddies


This Weeks Line Leaders for Forest and Castle Room

Monday-  Maeve and Rowan Jaret

Tuesday- Mia and Neil

Wednesday-  Rowan Van Donselaar and Sammy

Thursday- William Carriere and Willie

Friday- William Ginn and Branden