Spring? It's us, Preschool

Dear Preschool Families,

Welcome to mud season in preschool! Okay, you’re right it’s been mud season for a long while now but isn’t it so fun? All those muddy mittens, dirty snow pants, and wet socks, are all signs of lots of amazing and natural play. It mean’s children are practicing skills, of transferring water (puddles), investigating new sensations (squishy mud), and working on muscle development (carrying big buckets). Our loose parts collection continues to grow outside as well, with more space to navigate. Boards, logs, and big sticks, require lots of problem-solving and communication opportunities as children turn them into shelters, fire pits for boiling those poisonous stews, and traps!  We have seen the teeniest, tiniest, signs of spring this week. Mostly the ground isn’t frozen when playing outside, but also the birds have been busy and chattering about the playground, the grass in the garden is looking a dull shade of green, and we are playing big running games in the field again. Ahh... those extra hours of sun does us all good. It is natural for children’s interests to follow the seasons and we look forward to continuing observing the birds and start growing seedlings for the garden next week!

Indoor investigations and play has also been lively. We’ve made playdough with coffee grounds in it, which mirrored the dark browns of soil outside. A lot of the children are not actually fans of the smell! Good thing, they don’t need any caffeine. With so many painting materials available, children explored different techniques, styles, and textures. In music, Danielle brought a big quilt. With two adults holding the corners, the children laid down and were rocked back and forth as we sang. Every child wanted extra turns. It is a simple activity you could do with your child at home. Don’t you wish someone would do it for you?

It was great to have Jenn Grant join us for Community Day as we explored the idea of diversity in families. We discussed how people in your family can look and be different then you, (eye color, skin color, or type of hair) but that’s what makes us each special. Many children then worked on family portraits, thinking about who are the members of our family? A big thank you to Jenn for coming in. Community day makes us appreciate our BIG Breakwater family.

As always Friday ended on a joyous reunion with our learning buddies. We took to the woods again and had sometime to do nature journaling and exploring. After the long walk, we were all happy to settle in for lunch and talk about all the tricks you can play on your parents on April fools day. Watch out!

Have a wonderful weekend with your family and we will see you in April!

Weekly Questions for Your Child

  • What kinds of painting did you do in the Forest Room? Was there wet paint?  Was there dry paint?

  • What color playdough did you make in the Castle Room?  Does it smell like anything?

  • What did you learn about families with Jenn, Sammy and Zion’s Mom? Can families look different?

  • What do you do with the boards and logs on the playground?  What do you do with the white gutter on the playground?

  • How did it feel to be rocked in the blanket during music class?


Coming Up This Week and Reminders!

  • Mark you calendars! April Break is the 17th-21st.

  • All quiet time things were sent home this week, please be sure to send your child to school on Monday with everything they need to rest.


Our Weekly Schedule

Monday- Art Studio with Yazi

Tuesday- All School Meeting at 8:20AM & Music with Danielle

Wednesday- Community Day with Doug Watts and Book Mobile

Thursday- Baking and Making Day

Friday- Learning Buddies Walk


This Weeks Line Leaders for Forest and Castle Room

Monday-  Carolyn & Zion

Tuesday-  Chloe & Ana

Wednesday- Eli & Charlie

Thursday- Izzy & Henry P.B.

Friday- Gus & Henry C.


With joy,

Josephine, Liz, Molly, and Yazi

The Preschool Team