Spring Has Sprung! Eagles, Smoothies, and Rainsticks

Dearest Preschool Families,

The preschool community was happy to welcome the physical signs of spring this week! The warm weather granted us plentiful and appreciated time outdoors without constraints of snow and snow pants to allow for lots of running and gross motor play. The talkative birds caught our attention and we continued to learn about and identify birds by their bodies and calls. After Josephine shared this article about the oldest reported eagle in Maine, the children proceeded to use loose parts to build their own eagle’s nest on the playground. It was amazing to witness all of the preschoolers cooperatively deciding how to construct this nest, and then playing dramatically as eagles. Coincidentally the next day, we spotted a large bald eagle and watched it almost the whole morning as it flew from tree to tree, being chased by a raven! The preschoolers started chanting, “Baldy, baldy!” as it fled the pesky raven. This was a wonderful event and enhanced the genuine love these preschoolers have for their interest and gained knowledge about birds throughout the school year.

Some children read this news article about an eagle in Maine. It is a great news piece to spark interesting conversation and questions:


On Monday during Art Studio the children made their own rain sticks! After using small blocks to hammer nails into a cardboard cylinder, the sticks were filled with assorted legumes and covered with colorful paper mache. This activity was so popular, it continued throughout the week and followed by joyful dancing, singing, and playing with rain sticks!

Music with Danielle took place outside on Tuesday where the preschoolers sang a crowd favorite, ‘John the Rabbit’, while shaking the parachute to make John dance. This activity always brings smiles and hoots of laughter- how lucky to have music in the spring sunshine!

Stethoscope, otoscope, and plexor are just a few of the new words the students learned on Wednesday’s community day with Lydia’s mom, Cate. In addition to exploring many special doctor tools, Cate taught us to eat the rainbow and handed out fun tongue depressors and a preschool crowd favorite: bandaids! Special thanks to Cate for sharing your profession and time with us.

Making and baking day on Thursday was another hit- this week the preschoolers created smoothies. Favorite fruits like blueberries, strawberries, and bananas were added to the blender for a tasty cold treat on the playground. We even froze the leftovers for fruity popsicles on Friday!

In honor of Earth Day, the preschoolers teamed up with their 3rd and 4th grade learning buddies on Friday, in their pajamas, to create nature art and to play a large game of Duck, Duck, Goose in the field. After a whole morning outside, we took the preschoolers on an adventure to the Sky Lounge on the 2nd floor. We watched an episode in the Life series on Birds as the preschoolers cuddled and relaxed with their blankets and stuffies. What a special way to end a wonderful week together.


Weekly Questions for Your Child

  • How did you make your rain stick?

  • What did you add to the smoothies?

  • Where did Silly Steve read to you this week?

  • Tell me about Baldy the eagle! How many years old was the oldest eagle in Maine?

  • What did you watch in the Sky Lounge?


Coming Up and Reminders!

  • Next week is April vacation. There will be no school Monday 4/17 - Friday 4/21.

  • The Thursday of our return from break, April 27th, is our field trip to Broadturn Farm with Toddlers and Kindergarteners. Please see your e-mail for detailed information.

  • Now that spring is here we are going to begin outdoor mornings again. We strive to accent our already rich outdoor space with materials that stimulate children’s problem-solving, communication, and cooperative skills. We are looking for LOOSE PARTS, materials that are open-ended and easily manipulated by the children to create endless opportunities. We would love your help in gathering these supplies. Our loose parts wish list includes:

    • Logs

    • Tree Cookies

    • Wooden crates

    • Wheels

    • Mug kitchen items (metal or wood materials only please)

    • Boards

    • Sticks

    • Rocks

If you are willing to donate these items, please let Molly or Yazi know so we can set up the best time to bring them in. Thank you!

  • Bike riding will begin after the break. Please send your child with a helmet when they come back to school!


Our Weekly Schedule

Monday- Outdoor Art Studio

Tuesday- All School Meeting at 8:20AM & Music with Danielle (Bike day)

Wednesday- Community Day with Ben

Thursday- Baking and Making Day (Bike day)

Friday- Learning Buddies


This Weeks Line Leaders for Forest and Castle Room

Monday-  William Ginn and Branden

Tuesday-  Zion and Carolyn

Wednesday-  Ana and Chloe

Thursday-  Field Trip!

Friday-  Charlie and Eli


Have a wonderful April vacation and we will see you upon our return!


Josephine, Liz, Molly, and Yazi

The Preschool Team