Farm Field Trip and Other Great Discoveries

Dear Preschool Families,

What a wonderful week to return from our April vacation. Friends reunited with excitement and love and all the students jumped back into our daily routine with comfort. Our outdoor classroom has some new and open-ended loose parts that allowed for some creative investigations. We want to continue providing children with new materials that spark new avenues of interest. Look in your backyard, attic, or basement, if you have random odds and ends that may be an interesting addition to the playground bring it in and teachers can see if it would be a good fit.

A sad and terrible thing happened on Tuesday…. bike day got rained out. All of the children were strapped into helmets and marching out the front door when the first sprinkles of rain began. Some children were very distraught but by nature they moved on quickly and went to play on the big playground.  We are hoping for dry weather next week so children can ride in glory again! Disguised in the misfortune of rain, was a wonderful gift as well. Puddles! Big puddles, giant puddles, deep and long puddles. After our visit to the Bookmobile on Wednesday we stayed outside and embraced all the wet, by running and jumping into the puddles. It was glorious and before going inside the children dumped their boots out!

We also had Ben Grant come visit us on Wednesday. We talked about the people (and animals) in our family and talked about family trees. We imagined our arms as branches and family members sitting at the ends of each finger. Some children drew their own family trees and it would be a great project to do at home to talk about extended family members. Thanks for visiting Ben!

Thursday was the highlight of the week, as we all gathered at Broadturn farm for a wonderful tour. We got to visit the chickens (and a duck), approaching them slowly trying to pet them. Next we visited the greenhouse and walked up and down the aisles of baby plants. That lead us to a strawberry and spinach field. A lot of children enjoyed eating the sweet green spinach and have decided to plant some in our garden as well. We visited a surely sheep and pregnant cow, Clementine, as they hung out on their big bed of hay. To end the trip we walked down a path in the woods (which is open for public use if you are looking for a new nature trail to explore). The path led us to a rushing stream, that was moving fast. We ended the trip by yelling out “Goodbye Farm!” We look forward to see how this experience enriches play at school.

On Friday we had another wonderful outdoor morning. We dug up grass to make room for a butterfly garden and built a fence to protect seedlings from running feet. We are hoping to be planting next week! After a morning of play we took a walk to fore river sanctuary with our buddies and read some stories. Lots of children noticed the sounds of the rushing water.

What a perfect week in preschool!

Weekly Questions for Your Child

  • What is new on the playground?

  • How did you get wet when you played in the rain?

  • Who is in our family? How big would our family tree be?

  • What was most interesting thing you saw at the farm?

  • What did you hear, smell, or see on the woods walk?


Coming Up This Week and Reminders

  • Outdoor drop-offs will continue on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We hope to be outside even on the damper days, and as this spring may offer up a lot more rainy days please send in rain pants if your child has them.


Our Weekly Schedule

Monday- Outdoor Classroom & Art Studio with Yazi

Tuesday- All School Meeting at 8:20 and Music with Danielle

Wednesday- Outdoor Classroom, Community Day with Nick Davala, & Bookmobile

Thursday- Making and Baking Day

Friday- Outdoor Classroom & 3rd and 4th grade Learning Buddies


This Weeks Line Leaders in the Forest and Castle Room

Monday- Lydia & Gus

Tuesday-Mia & Izzy

Wednesday- William Carriere & Maddie

Thursday- William Ginn & Neil

Friday- Zion & Rowan


Springs in our step,

The Preschool Team