Farewell to Liz, Water Play, and Hot Days

Dear Preschool Families,

Our week started out on a rainy note, so the children made rain scene paintings, experimenting with how the crayon’s wax resists water. By the end of the week we were sweating in the sun, experimenting with all the ways we can use water on our playground. We’ve been watering our garden and noticing little seedlings coming up, radishes and sunflowers! The strawberry plants are flowering, too. The children enjoy using spray bottles on the playground to mist and clean the play structures, as one child exclaimed, “We are the cleaning team!” The sink is a great place to practice turn taking, as the children line up to fill their buckets. They use the water to create lakes or puddles, where they mix things in the mud kitchen or build bridges. The drain of the sink creates a river of sorts, which the children have been experimenting with damning up and then diverting through the wood chips. Inside the children have been using recycled materials to build boats that they test out in the water table.

Everyone was excited by a visit from Todd Michaelis, as he shared some helpful hints about being a doctor. He showed up with lots of colorful medical bandages and the children all fixed themselves up. For the rest of the day kids were wearing their bandages proudly. Look for them in the pictures. They also looked at a skeleton and talked about the bones in our body. Thank you Todd for visiting and sharing!

This week we also talked about traveling, trips, and “where are we going?” As a way to help the children think about change as a positive part of life, we looked at maps, made lists, and looked at pictures of different places. Liz was able to tell the children that she was leaving after this week to go all the way to Seattle, and show how far she is driving! The week ended with a surprise party for Liz, as she was thought we were going on a regular buddies woods walk. Surprise! The big buddies met us in the garden with banners, paper chain decorations, and baked goods. We enjoyed the treats and then sang a few songs together. Liz got lots of hugs and cards. We love you Liz!

The Preschool Team

Weekly Questions For Your Child

  • Where is Liz going? Where are you going?

  • Can you sing me a song from the concert?

  • What did you do with water this week?

  • What kind of book did Liz leave in your classroom?


Coming Up This Week and Reminders

  • Early childhood is preparing for our annual trip to Kettle Cove. The field trip will take place on Tuesday, May 30th with a rain date of Wednesday, May 31st. We will be sending an e-mail out next week with details. Please RSVP to Molly or Yazi if you are able to chaperone your child.

  • Hot weather and outdoor days mean children are getting lots of sun. Please be sure your child has a sunhat, sunscreen, and a water bottle everyday. We often bring lunch boxes outside to allow children to snack as needed, so it may be wise to pack an extra ice pack to keep food fresh.


Our Weekly Schedule

Monday- Outdoor Classroom & Art Studio with Yazi
Tuesday- All School Meeting at 8:20 and Music with Danielle
Wednesday- Outdoor Classroom, Community Day with Krys Carriere & Bookmobile
Thursday- Making and Baking Day
Friday- Outdoor Classroom and 3rd & 4th grade Learning Buddies


This Weeks Line Leaders in the Forest and Castle Room

Monday- William Ginn & Rowan Jaret
Tuesday- Zion & Neil
Wednesday- Ana & Sammy
Thursday- Charlie & Willie
Friday- Henry Cabot & Branden