Baby Chicks and Tadpoles! - Newsletter

Dear Preschool Families,


It has been a very exciting week in preschool.  Baby chicks have begun cracking their shells and making their way into this world.  We were very excited to meet them!  The preschoolers have been organically taking turns sitting with the chicks and observing their exploration as as they become stronger.

On Wednesday, Krys Carriere brought the preschoolers a collection of tadpoles she and William borrowed from their pond.  The preschoolers observed their movements, sang them songs, and read about their life cycle.  Preschoolers noted that some were 8 weeks old because they had back legs and some were not because their limbs hadn’t grown yet. How cool!  Thank you so much Krys!

Rainy outdoor days have the preschoolers digging rivers and reading in cozy nooks together.  We have been busy at work sweeping puddles to appropriate locations and deciding where to dig when producing a river.  After noting some preschoolers were interested in the game of guessing, we brought out provocations on estimation. As a provocation a few mornings this week, teachers filled a big jug with some materials and preschoolers interested gave an estimation of the number of materials.  We love having math moments like these!

We weren’t able to see our buddies today.  Instead, preschoolers were offered materials to write their 3rd/4th buddies letters and/or pictures.  We will keep the basket of pictures and letters for the week as preschoolers may want to contribute more.


Weekly Questions for Your Child

  • What are tadpoles?  What will they grow to be?

  • What did the chick do when it came out of the egg?  How many chicks do you have? Do they have names?

  • What will the chicks live in?  Do they need anything special?

  • What is an estimation?  Is it thinking and guessing, or giving an answer?


Coming Up This Week and Reminder!

  • End of year conferences are happening.  Please sign-up for your meeting time here,

  • Kettle Cove Field Trip is this Tuesday!  Please let Molly or Yazi know if you will meet us at Kettle Cove or at school in the morning, and if you plan on bringing your child back to school in the afternoon.  

Our Weekly Schedule

Monday - No School - Memorial Day

Tuesday- Kettle Cove Field Trip!

Wednesday- Community Day with Chicks and Tadpoles & Bookmobile

Thursday- Making and Baking Day

Friday- Learning Buddies


This Weeks Line Leaders for Forest and Castle Room

Monday-  No School - Memorial Day

Tuesday-  No Leader - Kettle Cove Field Trip

Wednesday- Carolyn & Lydia

Thursday- Chloe & Maeve

Friday- Eli & Mia


With care,

The Preschool Team