Forts and Soccer - Newsletter

Dear Preschool Families,

Rain rain go away, our preschoolers want a bike day.  Although the rain can’t keep the preschoolers from bundling up and playing outside, it can keep us from biking on the wet pavement.  Thursday’s sunshine brought cheers (heard all the way from the office) as we unlocked the bike shed for the first time this spring.  Preschoolers worked hard to problem solve as the number of bikes is less than the number of children.

The preschool classrooms developed the gardens this week.  Some students took interest in weeding the Butterfly Garden and planting our classroom seedlings while others have been digging up the garden beds and searching for worms. We have also been shredding cloth into strips for weaving into our Butterfly Garden fence.  Math discussions have been booming with work around the garden.  How many square feet does a plant need?  How deep was the worm in the ground?  Which strips of cloth are longer or wider?

Wet days have encouraged preschoolers to build cozy forts with sticks and sheets.  The students’ worked together to collaborate and make a fort that each of them could share.  Also, preschool is now incubating 6 chicken eggs! It takes 21 days for chickens to hatch and we are excited to learn about their development over the course of the next 3 weeks. The sun came out just in time for our Community Day visitor, Nick Davala!  The preschoolers ran with enthusiasm to the field where Nick set up soccer goals and lots of balls to share.  The preschoolers partnered with a friend and practiced kicking at the goal and dribbling.  After soccer we did art with seashells that Nick brought in.  It was a great morning.  Thanks so much Nick for coming and sharing such fun activities with us.

Following the group interest of birds, we made bird feeders using sunbutter, pinecones and seeds.  The children chose to hang them in the trees around the playground.  Hopefully the birds will continue to visit us so we can to practice our bird calls.  To cap the week off we ventured up to the 3rd and 4th grade classrooms to visit our learning buddies.  The buddies snuggled up for a read aloud followed by painting,  block building,  and reading together.


Weekly Questions for Your Child

  • What did you do in the garden this week?

  • What plants are on your playground?

  • How many days until the chickens hatch? How many weeks?

  • What is your favorite way to bike? On your own high-rider, with a trailer, on a double bike?


Coming Up This Week and Reminders

  • There will be no school Friday, May 12.  It is a Breakwater Professional Day.

  • Outdoor drop-offs will continue on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday unless the rain keeps us away.  


Our Weekly Schedule

Monday- Outdoor Classroom & Art Studio with Josephine

Tuesday- All School Meeting at 8:20 and Music with Danielle

Wednesday- Outdoor Classroom, Community Day with Jessica Hunken, & Bookmobile

Thursday- Making and Baking Day

Friday- No School- Professional Development Day


This Weeks Line Leaders in the Forest and Castle Room

Monday- Sammy & Ana

Tuesday- Willie Ball & Charlie

Wednesday- Branden & Henry Cabot

Thursday- Carolyn & Henry Pearson Bond

Friday-  No School PD Day


With care,

The Preschool Team