Gardening and Pizza Making - Newsletter

Dear Preschool Families,

Our last full week has been balanced with laughter, celebrations and gratitude for the returning sunshine.  We bundled up and embraced the rainy playground on Monday and Tuesday with everlasting interest in puddles and rivers mother nature creates.  Children have been working hard in the garden this week. Along with a usual tasks of weeding, checking plants growth, and watering, we also planted some new beds. Turning the soil, adding new compost, and the most rewarding step, planting! This week we planted some tomato, basil, thyme, kale, carrots, broccoli, and spinach! The interest in our outdoor sink has progressed from filling up buckets for pouring to focusing on the drain that produces large puddles in the digging sand area.  Preschoolers have been working to make fairyhouse like forts, creating small villages for their cars and animals to explore.  The creativity is endless!

Silly Steve visited us for the final time of the year and after reading us one last book he waved goodbye and took our checked out books back to the bookmobile.  What a treat it has been having Portland Public Library’s Bookmobile and Silly Steve become such a consistent and appreciated experience for the preschoolers. In celebrating the sunshine we conducted an entire day of preschool outside on Wednesday. After eating lunch at the picnic tables, the children spread across blankets under the trees reading and drawing while resting before returning to play.  What a silly and relaxing change it was for many.

After many weeks of requests, the preschoolers put their making and baking skills to work and made pizza for our Summer Birthday Celebration.  Whomever has a birthday in June, July, or August decorated a crown and were sung to when we gathered for pizza outside.  The children were very excited to flavor their own “bubble water” that they had made with a Sodastream.  Each child could flavor their water with fresh lemon, cherry juice, or a combination of both.  The preschoolers loved the fizzy water and flavor sharing shouts of, “...yummy!”

We completed the week with an exciting bike day.  Preschoolers were ecstatic when the teachers opened all of the playground pavement as biking space.  The children took on the hill and turns with confidence and control demonstrating all of their developed skills this year. What fun!


Weekly Questions for Your Child

  • How did the fizzy water taste like at the pizza party?  What flavor did you add?

  • What is happening in the preschool garden?  Is anything growing?

  • Who has a birthday in the Summer?

  • What do you use the outdoor sink for?  What happens to the water that drains out?


Coming Up This Week and Reminders

  • Tuesday is our last bike day - Please take helmets home Tuesday afternoon.

  • Nap Items are coming home to be cleaned this weekend.

  • Our last day of school is this Wednesday, June 14th.  We will gather in the preschool garden with families for a end of year celebration circle at 11:30AM. At 12PM dismissal we will walk over and join the all school picnic.


Our Weekly Schedule

Monday- Outdoor Classroom & Journals in Art Studio

Tuesday- All School Meeting at 8:20 and Bike Day

Wednesday- Outdoor Classroom, Farewell Circle, Last Day of School (Half Day)

Thursday- Happy Summer!

Friday- Happy Summer!


This Weeks Line Leaders in the Forest and Castle Room

Monday- Sammy & Henry Cabot

Tuesday- Willie & Henry Henrick

Wednesday- Shared Leadership!

Thursday- No School

Friday-  No School


With gratitude,

The Preschool Team