Our Summer Comes to an End...

It’s hard to believe that the end of the Summer Toddler Program is here already! The children began the week with watercolor painting that quickly turned into finger-painting. They discovered that the watercolor cakes changed their hands and arms into different colors. Many children shouted the colors of their hands, and one child announced: “I’m a monster!”

Last Friday, a few children gave the new preschool playground a test-run by swinging on the monkey bars, sliding down the slide, and climbing the stairs. Check out the pictures below!

On Tuesday, the children mixed smoothies using a blender and the following ingredients: bananas, frozen strawberries, vanilla yogurt, and milk. Many children thought the blender was really loud and chose to watch the ingredients mix from the book area. Children experimented with different ways of drinking the smoothie. Some children poured the smoothie onto their trays, some drank it in small sips, and some seemed to drink it in one big gulp!

Mid week children discovered a squash growing on the outside of the playground.  While discussing how it might have gotten there we noticed two caterpillars on nearby leaves.  The children were very excited to see the colorful caterpillar nibbling on milkweed.  In small groups we took turns looking at the caterpillars.  Some children gently lifted up the leaves to see if there were more caterpillars underneath.  We think they may turn into Monarch Butterflies.  It was a fun discovery!

Please read the following reminders for the end of the week:

  • Please check your child’s cubby for clothing, artwork, and other belongings. We will be moving into our new classrooms, so everything needs to go home at the end of the week!

  • Please also check our diapering cabinet and bring any remaining diapers home.

Reminders for the Fall:

  • Breakwater school forms are due on August 16th.

  • The Curiosity Lab Ribbon Cutting and Launch Party is on August 26th. RSVP through the August Newsbreak.

  • The Toddler-8th Grade Sneak Preview is September 5th at 3:30. We look forward to seeing you there!

Please enjoy the pictures from our week below:

Making Smoothies

Discovering a Caterpillar


Out on the Playground

In the River, the Sand, and the Forest

On Monday, the children created a singing and dancing show on the stage using plastic sleds as instruments. They banged the sleds on the stage, making a thumping sound, and exclaimed: “Neigh, neigh, neigh!” in their loudest voices. The show began with two friends and quickly grew to include the whole group! Mid-week, they continued their music exploration with shovels, spoons, and bowls. A group of children banged on metal bowls and created their music together on the bridge.

On the last day of July, a group of children worked together on an airplane trip.  They started on the stage sitting with their babies, then flew to the log, and finally landed at the treehouse.  Once at the treehouse they talked about their beach trip and put the babies on blankets.

They have continued to use the construction vehicles of various sizes to dig in the sand. Many of them work together to fill trucks and buckets and take turns dumping them out.  They discovered that if they tipped the bowl or bucket of sand over, they could stomp on the pile it made. Some children have been calling their creations "sand castles." We have noticed that some of the children love to start digging as soon as they arrive on the playground every day!  

On Thursday we went on our woods walk.  On the way to the woods a few children pointed out and named the different types of vehicles that passed.  Some exclamations included: “Taxi car!” and “Big truck!”  We discussed what we might see in the woods.  Some children thought they’d see trees, some thought ducks, and some thought animals.  When we got to the park entrance some children noticed that the ground changed from gravel to wood chips.  They had fun walking over the roots and down the big steps before getting to the rocky area where we ate our snack.  On the way back to our playground, our volunteer chaperones Lynn and Ann pointed out buttercups growing in the woods. Children enjoyed searching for them on the walk back and yelled excitedly whenever they found them near the path.

Friendly Reminders

  • Please be sure to sign in and sign out using our sign-in/sign-out clipboard. The clipboard should be located on top of the fence when we are outside, and on the tall shelf near the back exit when we are inside.
  • Please be mindful that pick-up is at 3:00 PM. The Aftercare program begins on our playground at 3:00 and they need the space available for our friends in Aftercare.
  • The last day of the Toddler Summer Program is Friday, August 11th.
  • If you have any extra plastic bags at home, please consider donating them to our classroom.
  • Please continue to send your child in with water shoes and extra clothes for our last week of the summer program.

Popsicle Paints

Play Dough

A Visit to Preschool

On an Airplane Trip


Being Busy Outside

July 21 Summer Toddlers Blog Post

The summer is in full swing here in the Toddler Room. The children discovered many different kinds of bugs on our playground. Children noticed ants crawling. Some children wanted to stomp on the ants, and we talked about how our playground is their home and we share it with them. Later in the week, one child noticed an ant carrying food to its home, and other children observed ants climbing our tree house. The discovery of inch worms on the playground was also exciting. Some children let the inch worms crawl on their hands and noticed that it tickled as it walked. We also found beetles flying near the gate. Sometimes they landed on the ground, on plants, and once even in a teacher’s hair!

In the water table, many toddlers cared for babies. They helped the babies sit up in the “bathtub” and used empty bottles to fill and pour water for “washing hair”. Children decided to wash other materials on the playground, particularly a colorful log tunnel. One group of children worked hard to cover the log tunnel in chalk and noticed they could use their fingers and sponges to blend the colors together. Callie talked to children about how they were “smudging” the chalk and one child announced: “I smudged it!” A second group was eager to wash the chalk off the log and covered the log with water.  On another day we colored the water in the table.  One child noticed that it looked green in the table, but blue inside a white cup!  They also enjoyed carrying the bubbles from the soapy water to wash the slide and the car.

You may have noticed there has been some construction happening around the school!  The children have been very interested in watching the bulldozer move dirt around.  They also did their own digging on the playground using the toy trucks as their construction equipment. At the art table they used mini construction vehicles to make tracks through paint. They even had a chance to help with the work when the crew delivered wheelbarrows full of sand to our playground and invited children to help rake it.  The brand new sand is soft and has been a lot of fun to work with! A teacher brought in some new sand molds and children took turns making castles and stomping on them.  

Bug Discoveries

Construction Work

More Fun Photos

Beginning Our Summer with Gardening, Bug-Hunting, and Playing with Water

Welcome to our first summer blog post! The toddlers have been busy exploring our playground with friends and teachers. On our first Friday, the preschoolers visited our playground to help us plant squash, tomatoes, cabbage, and pansies in our garden boxes. Many of the toddlers used trowels and shovels to help their preschool friends dig in the soil. Yazi, one of the preschool teachers, talked to children about giving the plants space to grow and let the toddlers scoop soil from the wheel barrow. On Monday of our second week, we noticed that the plants were doing well in the morning, but by lunch time, they were all dried out! The toddlers used empty applesauce containers to water the plants and help them feel healthy again.

Children have also been experimenting with sending different objects down the slide. They tried balls, trucks, and small cars and were delighted by how fast they zoomed down to the ground. On hot days, teachers have been making a water shower with our hose, which many children love to run through and some children love to stand under for many, many minutes. Children were also busy in the kitchen making mud pies, cookies, and chocolate pizza. Many of the toddlers also cared for babies using soapy water, towels, and blankets.

One of our biggest discoveries from our first two weeks was the number of bugs living on our playground. When children and teachers dug out the river, we noticed many worms wiggling through the wet dirt, both large and small. While digging through the garden boxes, one friend was surprised by a wood louse crawling across the dirt. The toddlers took turns holding the wood louse in a bowl and watching it race from one end to the other. Our final bug discovery was a very sleepy bumblebee crawling across the playground! Some children expressed concern that it would fly near them while others crouched down to watch the bee crawl under the wooden bridge.

Welcome Callie!


On Monday, Callie Hastings will join the toddler program! We are so excited to welcome her to the toddler team! Callie visited our classroom on Wednesday to meet the children and spend the morning getting to know them. We cannot wait for her to learn and play with us!

Danielle Gorman, who spent the first two weeks of the summer with us, will return when the new school year begins!

Please read the following friendly reminder for next week:

and Sign-Out Sheet

Please sign your child in and out using our sign-in/sign-out clipboard. Outdoors, the clipboard is located on top of the fence. Indoor,s the clipboard is located on top of the tall shelf by the back exit.

Please enjoy the photos below:

Water Play


More Fun Photos