Beginning Our Summer with Gardening, Bug-Hunting, and Playing with Water

Welcome to our first summer blog post! The toddlers have been busy exploring our playground with friends and teachers. On our first Friday, the preschoolers visited our playground to help us plant squash, tomatoes, cabbage, and pansies in our garden boxes. Many of the toddlers used trowels and shovels to help their preschool friends dig in the soil. Yazi, one of the preschool teachers, talked to children about giving the plants space to grow and let the toddlers scoop soil from the wheel barrow. On Monday of our second week, we noticed that the plants were doing well in the morning, but by lunch time, they were all dried out! The toddlers used empty applesauce containers to water the plants and help them feel healthy again.

Children have also been experimenting with sending different objects down the slide. They tried balls, trucks, and small cars and were delighted by how fast they zoomed down to the ground. On hot days, teachers have been making a water shower with our hose, which many children love to run through and some children love to stand under for many, many minutes. Children were also busy in the kitchen making mud pies, cookies, and chocolate pizza. Many of the toddlers also cared for babies using soapy water, towels, and blankets.

One of our biggest discoveries from our first two weeks was the number of bugs living on our playground. When children and teachers dug out the river, we noticed many worms wiggling through the wet dirt, both large and small. While digging through the garden boxes, one friend was surprised by a wood louse crawling across the dirt. The toddlers took turns holding the wood louse in a bowl and watching it race from one end to the other. Our final bug discovery was a very sleepy bumblebee crawling across the playground! Some children expressed concern that it would fly near them while others crouched down to watch the bee crawl under the wooden bridge.

Welcome Callie!


On Monday, Callie Hastings will join the toddler program! We are so excited to welcome her to the toddler team! Callie visited our classroom on Wednesday to meet the children and spend the morning getting to know them. We cannot wait for her to learn and play with us!

Danielle Gorman, who spent the first two weeks of the summer with us, will return when the new school year begins!

Please read the following friendly reminder for next week:

and Sign-Out Sheet

Please sign your child in and out using our sign-in/sign-out clipboard. Outdoors, the clipboard is located on top of the fence. Indoor,s the clipboard is located on top of the tall shelf by the back exit.

Please enjoy the photos below:

Water Play


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