Playing Resonator Bars and Styrofoam Construction

During Music with Danielle on Tuesday we played Resonator Bars, while we were singing.  The children enjoyed the sounds they made when they hit the resonator bar!  During Art Studio children explored with styrofoam, skewers and other loose parts.  Some children chiseled the Styrofoam using markers, others used skewers to stick pieces of Styrofoam together, and still others glued CDs onto their pieces! We've moved our crayons and various sized papers from our art studio area and have replaced them with Styrofoam pieces and loose parts. We are interested to see what the children will create with them!

If you have any Styrofoam pieces or other interesting loose parts at home, please bring them in!


When you look at these photos of our music time with your child you can ask them to tell you what sound the resonator bars made.  

When you look at the photos of each child's work in art studio today, you can ask about how they changed the Styrofoam.

Playing Resonator Bars

Styrofoam Construction